Yesterday… And Beyond.




My favorite quote from the day…

“Now that Trump is President Elect, I should never again see on a job ad stating, experience required.”

So as I contemplate the ramifications of this moment, I am reminded best by my children, the concerns and expressions.

My daughter 20 something; couldn’t sleep… As a woman, she is in fear of the ramifications pertaining to control of her own body. That the party of “less government”, is truly the party that want to pass legislation to control who we are.

She is in fear, for all those she cares about who do not fall under the category , white.

Her fears are not confounded.

My Son texted me; “I can’t believe life right now…”. while watching the results. He was angry. Angry that people were messing with his future with a whim.

This morning though, he responded more eloquently than just about any response I heard or read.

“I am not one to post statuses to ******, but in the wake of last night’s election there are a few things I am compelled to say.

First of all I want to express my full support to the LGBTQ+ communities, women, minorities, and anyone who is experiencing fear around Trump’s victory. If anyone needs to reach out, find help, or is seeking support, I am here for you in whatever capacity I can be.

This election has divided our nation in a way that myself and my peers have never seen. For many of us, this is the first presidential election we have been old enough to vote in, and it is very demoralizing to see a racist, hateful, misogynist rise to power. However, hope is not lost. Now, standing in the face of fear and hatred, is the time to love. Love everyone. Love your neighbor, love the people you don’t agree with, love strangers, love your worst enemy. I’m writing this because this is the only thing I can think to say at this point. Be more generous with the love in your hearts than you’ve ever been. Be there for one another. Now is the time to come together.

I love you all.” 

Neither of my children thought Hillary was a rock-star, and at the same time they knew progressive movements within this country would keep moving with their sense of acceptance and compassion as they grow into their generation.

I do hold that something positive can come out of this… And the pain of birth will not be so much that this country is destroyed. Imploded from within.

The irony of it all…?

We have a black President who is going to turn over the White House, to a man who is outwardly supported by the KKK. Let that sink in while saying the words;

“Make America Great Again”

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