Adaptive Reality

What I have witnessed over history is the fractioning of this world, the splintering of “Our human family”. The answer is simple. Some may not see the potential ramifications of the idea and it in itself is the very basic foundation of what we can do.

A new Common Language.

Ken Carey, wrote in the Third Millennium the following;

“The term language is the casting forth of a binding illusion. Language is the mechanism of matter’s spell, the means through which the spell is maintained from one generation to the next.”

Understanding can be symbolized and to some extent conveyed through words, but understanding itself requires “historical culturalism” no more than a bird requires a cage. Understanding comes only through experience. And for experience, there has never been, and never will be, a substitute.

 Instead of serving as a tool of our creative expression to help us sculpt, and mold, light and sound into forms of beauty and grace, we choose to speak from our cultural tongues that have defined us, limited us, and kept us in the narrow definition prisons of the cultures that gave them birth. “

 The very attempt to hold onto “Historical Culture” destroys its living nature. The same fruit cannot be growing on the tree and preserved in a jar; it must be one or the other. The transformation as a “family of human beings”, by opening their hearts to abundance and love for all the people included, makes it so there is no need for cultural preservation.”


I believe, we as a country are beginning to accept the understanding that to lock ourselves into a framework of someone else’s prejudice, however well intended, is to worship a false God or perception of consciousness. It is to prefer the past knowledge of another to my own present moment perception.  I wish not to continue fighting over self-validating and self-defeating beliefs. Until we choose to quit fighting for individual cultures in this “Family of Humanity”, we will never find the permission nor the will to understand ourselves, our world.

We all have the freedom to maintain the world we have chosen no matter how limiting. The role of consciousness in our cultural history has been to always break up the routines when appropriate, to give ourselves the opportunities to look at the world from larger perspectives.

These days we are finding more and more people who are beginning to understand that there might be something beyond “our cultures” understanding of reality.

Richard Bach, in the book Running From Safety, said: “How hard it is to understand each other if we don’t already agree.”

We don’t have to agree who’s past is more traumatized. I don’t need anyone to tell me that the past generations of all races have oppressed and been oppressed. But can we choose to take this work, a common language, and make it what we agree upon?

When I came into this I thought it was going to be a “World of Humanity” choosing to communicate as such.

I think our work to accomplish this task is simple, but not easy, for whatever reasons I choose to make it hard. I truly believe we are making things very hard. How?

“I tell you the truth of what I think and feel no matter what. Through clean expression of interaction, and the owning of my own destructive shadows, and you do the same. Period.”

What I still see unfolding is, people still needing little boxes inside of this “Family of humanity”.

It does not matter what my culture is for you to understand the expression of my truth, if we all use the same common language.  You don’t have to understand my history for you to assist me in doing being my best most authentic self upon this planet and standing in my truth without being destructive to another..

This blog is to challenge all of us as a world going to see life on this planet from a future-scoping perspective? Why do we choose to fight for the past and present wounds of separation? When the children of this world are showing us how to choose to be one “Family of The Earth”.

Not, Some Black, White, Yellow & Red. Some disabled, some Gay, some Bi and some that are hetero. Some terrorists some not, some third world, some first. Those that scare us and those that we need to work with on the fears that keep separating us with the languages of earth that we as beings have created.

As I look at the world, as the frequencies of Love and Fear increase exponentially, I hold that through this pain of birth, we will emerge damaged, healed and reborn. Look to the children, they will lead the way.

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