The Price we Pay…

I received this comment on a response to a post I made on FaceBook as people were attacking teenagers fighting for their right to live without the fear of being shot.

I love when people just react instead of think.

“Damn Michael, you’re fucking naive.”

My response…

So you may think. I understand the situation we are in. I heard for eight years that Obama was going to take our guns. Didn’t happen. In 1994, President Clinton banned Assault Rifles, and our country didn’t collapse.

This BS that stricter controls and better more thorough background checks, plus the removal of Military grade weaponry, will not destroy our nation, just as it didn’t between 1994 and 2004. Ten years without the government running us over, even though we didn’t have AR-15’s to protect us.

Are you allowed to have grenades, claymore mines, or law rockets? No, so why aren’t you bitching about that?

So all of this fear mongering and spreading nothing but rhetoric about an invasion from inside, and all of our guns being taken needs to be based in fact. All it does is incite the fearful into more fear, not solution based thought processes, which may save the lives of more children.

I am also seeing the, “This is what Hitler did” argument. Well since most Nazi’s in this country are white republicans, who love their guns, I don’t see happening. Like I said in an earlier post, The religious NRA loving Right have control of the whole government, so who is it that is coming for our guns?

Oh yeah, you guys are afraid of teenagers who just want to go to school without flack jackets.

Some of the states have found money to arm teachers, Florida put up $4,000,000 to do so. Maybe if we put that money into schools, with more counselors and supplies so teachers can actually do their jobs, may have an impact on this situation.

Hell, cops were on scene in Parkland, trained armed individuals who hid in the face of danger. Two teachers brought guns to school recently and bumbled with them, injuring a student and discharging in the classroom. And we are supposed to believe arming them is a better solution.

Wake up to some facts, not fear… Perpetrated by those who make money from those who manufacture these weapons.

Who is the fucking naive one? Have a great day!

The State of our Nation…


The state of our nation…

The world watching helpless, waiting for the implosion that’ll leave us breathless.

DC is just a hill without the will to take responsibility

Slowly, integrity is lost in fake tranquility

The state of our nation.

We expect to honor veterans, but every bill is jettisoned

The city on a hill is now a spoke on a wheel

Turning its back on the people who built it.

Business is booming for those at the top,

While most struggle, two jobs, stale food in the pot


The state of our nation.

Congress is fumbling—education, health, and science are crumbling

Polar bears are stumbling as

We roll the dice on the melting ice.

The people in power don’t understand that they can’t rule without land,

But hey, the EPA was just banned.


The state of our nation.

Old white men talking without a clue, thinking they can subjugate women, and tell them what to do

No shame, no respect, no class, all for pithy ceilings of glass.

Thinking it’s okay to touch your ass, they exist without decorum,

“Rape victims should make the best of a bad situation”—quote Rick Santorum.


The state of our nation.

Our nation’s children are starving in the streets, ripped clothes, tear stained, no shoes on their feet.

Pro-lifers pass them by to yell on the corner,

And when the child dies you can bet they aren’t with the mourners.

This is the state of our nation.









When a closed mind meets an open mind…

As always… a conservative supporter avoiding the two most important questions of the discussion.

I still have yet to hear what it means to make America great again.

And I would love to hear how Trump’s, 6 billion dollar net-worth cabinet nominees, is relating to middle class Americans?
Lots of words, and just like the past eight years that the republicans have controlled the senate and house, I have neither seen, or heard, of one law or bill that the republicans crafted to help the average American. If someone would enlighten me, that would be great.

All I know is what I am seeing;
A censured Bigot for Attorney General. A man that claimed he is not suited to run a government agency for HUD. A climate dis-believer for head of the EPA. One of the orchestrators of the mortgage collapse for Treasury Sec. and Exxon CEO for Secretary of State. An opposed to a living wage business owner as Labor Secretary. I could go on. It almost seams as if the systematic dismantling of America’s world leader status has begun. I wonder which Country will take the reins, as we make the rich richer, and starve the serf’s…

I would be all for deregulation, if it wasn’t for simple human greed. Regulations came about because those who owned the businesses being regulated, abused their workforce, polluted the planet and didn’t care who they destroyed for a profit.

I fear that the emptying of the swamp he was talking about is the American People…, not Washington, DC.

The quest for light…


As I watch the world unfold I find I am truly witnessing the battle of the Angels…

Between those who have fallen, and those who wish to fly. With out labels, those who have fallen are those who choose to stifle the forward movement of our potentiality as a species.

The desire to keep the frequencies of their past, due to a fear of the unknown future.

Those Angels that choose to fly are not exempt from fear… they understand stepping through it will bring a new adventure to life. Understanding that consciousness has and always will be moving forward.

The fallen Angels… Choose to dance around the golden calf at the base of Mt. Sinai, to a make believe economy, chasing a dream of, live, consumer, plant yourself and repeat until you die. The fear of letting go of the anchors of their own self-inflicted wounds.
The Light Angels… Understanding that we are all connected and living on the same boat. Believing everyone on the planet deserves to have their life honored, there Souls fed.

I choose life…

Michael Franti will close out this post with a vision of where we are…

And the light of where we could be…

Enjoy the video…

“Would it mean that love had won?
Would it mean that the world was saved?
And no guns are being drawn today?
What if everybody had a job?
And nobody had to break a law?
What if everyone could say
That it’s good to be alive today?”



Since the Beginning of our Country…

If you want to understand what is happening in our political system, watch this! This has been happening since we became a nation.

“Chomsky unpacks the principles that have brought us to the crossroads of historically unprecedented inequality – tracing a half-century of policies designed to favor the most wealthy at the expense of the majority”

You are not alone…

So I am working on a project that I would love to have shared. I want to start an interactive video project.
Basically, I am looking to open my reach to assist others who have questions about life and their challenges or choices to move forward in their world. I know that we all have issues that others carry with them. My goal is to video blog the replies so more people can be reached, who find themselves with the same challenge.
If you would share this info with those you may know that need it. You or they can  email;
All names will be held in the strictest and most ethical context.

The postmodernist and social constructionists’


“How hard it is to understand each other, unless we already agree.” Richard Bach


The postmodernist and social constructionists’ view of a reality created by the individual experience, is what creates the barriers between the family, that one may work with.

Every person involved will have their own level of perception. Children, see the world from a looking up perspective, parents, a looking down, children also not having the years and years of experience to project, upon another member of the family. Each person not only takes in the experience from different visual and audible angles, but also in different emotional reactions and cues, depending upon who played what role. Roles being the perpetrator, victim, witness and observer.

Once clients choose to receive assistance, those separate perceptions are what exacerbate the drama that has fractured the family around the issue or interactive pattern.

The language being applied to the discussion, from each individual, fails to connect with the listener, due to the fact the memory be shared is not in alignment with their own. Using the collaborative approach with the clients offers a chance for everyone to come to an agreement about, how, what and why, a disagreement or disruptive interactive pattern is allowed to continue, through the verbal and emotional language each person sees as the reality, when it is really just their own perspective of the event.

Reaching a point of agreement, facilitating a group mind focus, towards a solution oriented outcome is only achieved by the deconstruction each individual perspective into its respective role in the event or pattern.
As an example; If I ask two people to take a box of markers and draw the moon. Once they are complete we would see that each of their moons is completely different.

The moon in the sky is the reality. The pictures are their perceptions of reality. By deconstructing this differentiating sequence, each participant can then focus on the solutions once again.

If the Therapist attempted to bring about this unity of perception, through an egalitarian approach, only create more separation between, being seen by everyone as being on someone’s side.

Working with the clients from a level of directive equality, or course directing, builds trust in the therapist as a part of the desired solution. Further facilitating the healing of individual barriers, and forming a bond of inclusiveness, that previously didn’t exist in the original reality, the participants thought was being shared.



Why…? The lighter the Light, the darker the Dark…


(Racist graffiti left on a toilet door at Maple Grove Senior High School, Minnesota)

Women, the LGBT, Those who are Brown Skinned, Those who are Asian, basically anyone who is not white,  have in the past two days been under attack, In this Country now Called, ‘Merica…

It is a sad day in America when we have the same reports coming in that we thought were egregious when reading about ethnic civil wars in other country’s, such as Kosovo and Rwanda. Don’t think that will happen here? It all starts like this.

If you haven’t been paying attention check the links below to be updated on the ugly side of this American experience. 

A Running List Of Reported Racist Incidents After Donald Trump’s Victory

Donald Trump’s victory followed by wave of hate crime attacks against minorities across US – led by his supporters

Reports of racist graffiti, hate crimes post-election

We are at the crossroads… between selfishness, bolstered by pride, and a vision of compassion that extends beyond the self, combined with a desire to keep moving forward.

The duality of fear based reaction, and thoughtful response are at odds,  to a point of singularity, as we pass through this event horizon of conflicting frequencies.

Active interference is best used to cancel out low frequencies. we have two competing compression waves. One based on high energy frequencies  such as Love and acceptance, even with risk to self. Opposed against the Low energy frequencies of Fear, expressed in an out-lash and pain. Pain trapped in the perpetrator, and physically or verbally experienced by another. 

So what is the interference? How do we create it to bring the frequencies into alignment? To invite those who live with this fear and pain, to see as we persist in our fear, that fear, is reflected back through the amplification of that which is feared. 

We choose to be afraid of those who are not from our culture, our religion, our own fear. With the way energy works here with  our experience on the little blue ball, hold attention long enough on one perception, it is harder to see another side. 

 So what is the interference? 

When talking about sound, Wikipedia has this to say; with my reworking the application of this idea as it applies to our current situation.

“Adaptive algorithms are designed to analyze the waveform of the background aural or nonaural noise, then based on the specific algorithm generate a signal that will either phase shift or invert the polarity of the original signal.

(My take on this, from a perspective of canceling out the Lower active frequencies…)

There are those of us, (Adaptive Algorithms), watching what is unfolding, analyzing the words and energies that are unfolding, (Noise), in our streets, schools, anywhere human beings come together.  We see the fear, the anger, the letting go of years of traditional repressed anger, due to that fear, (Specific Waveform Algorithm). So we as a collective, (Signal Generators), create a signal, (Interference), that will either phase shift or invert the polarity, bringing those in fear, (Waveform), to a state of compassionate, understanding acceptance, that outwardly flows, (Love).

A new interference of Love, dialog, and witnessing one another. To be with another so intently, to acknowledge their innocence. That they are then invited to allow themselves to come fully into themselves, (Phase Shift), Where they truly can see the repercussions of their actions upon another Human Being, and choose to end the thousands of years of passed on emotional mental, physical and spiritual abuse, that we are seeing played out today. Finally being released.  And in such an un-life forwarding way. 

The interference that creates the frequencies of an open heart. (The inverted polarity of the original signal.)


“A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave.”

Mahatma Gandhi


This was a beautiful offering for those who don’t know what to do… This will take true and real courage…


For those of us who are the frequency generators, now is the time that all of our spiritual preparation has come to bear.  

Spread the light on the darkness. Elevate your voice where needed. Protect the defenseless. Defend Truth. Even if it makes your voice shake.

To be Courageous, I first must be Afraid.

So be Afraid, and do it anyway… Spread the love needed, right now, right here.

My blessings to all… And I do mean all.  


Yesterday… And Beyond.




My favorite quote from the day…

“Now that Trump is President Elect, I should never again see on a job ad stating, experience required.”

So as I contemplate the ramifications of this moment, I am reminded best by my children, the concerns and expressions.

My daughter 20 something; couldn’t sleep… As a woman, she is in fear of the ramifications pertaining to control of her own body. That the party of “less government”, is truly the party that want to pass legislation to control who we are.

She is in fear, for all those she cares about who do not fall under the category , white.

Her fears are not confounded.

My Son texted me; “I can’t believe life right now…”. while watching the results. He was angry. Angry that people were messing with his future with a whim.

This morning though, he responded more eloquently than just about any response I heard or read.

“I am not one to post statuses to ******, but in the wake of last night’s election there are a few things I am compelled to say.

First of all I want to express my full support to the LGBTQ+ communities, women, minorities, and anyone who is experiencing fear around Trump’s victory. If anyone needs to reach out, find help, or is seeking support, I am here for you in whatever capacity I can be.

This election has divided our nation in a way that myself and my peers have never seen. For many of us, this is the first presidential election we have been old enough to vote in, and it is very demoralizing to see a racist, hateful, misogynist rise to power. However, hope is not lost. Now, standing in the face of fear and hatred, is the time to love. Love everyone. Love your neighbor, love the people you don’t agree with, love strangers, love your worst enemy. I’m writing this because this is the only thing I can think to say at this point. Be more generous with the love in your hearts than you’ve ever been. Be there for one another. Now is the time to come together.

I love you all.” 

Neither of my children thought Hillary was a rock-star, and at the same time they knew progressive movements within this country would keep moving with their sense of acceptance and compassion as they grow into their generation.

I do hold that something positive can come out of this… And the pain of birth will not be so much that this country is destroyed. Imploded from within.

The irony of it all…?

We have a black President who is going to turn over the White House, to a man who is outwardly supported by the KKK. Let that sink in while saying the words;

“Make America Great Again”