Time is just Natures way of keeping everything from happening at once…


“What’s really going on is things are becoming more correlated with each other, the arrow of time is an arrow of increasing correlations.”

Seth Loyd, Cambridge University, philosophy degree  with a Harvard physics degree. Lloyd realized that quantum uncertainty, and the way it spreads as particles become increasingly entangled, could replace human uncertainty in the old classical proofs as the true source of the arrow of time.

When two particles interact, they can no longer even be described by their own, independently evolving probabilities, called “pure states.” Instead, they become entangled components of a more complicated probability distribution that describes both particles together. It might dictate, for example, that the particles spin in opposite directions. The system as a whole is in a pure state, but the state of each individual particle is “mixed” with that of its acquaintance. The two could travel light-years apart, and the spin of each would remain correlated with that of the other, a feature Albert Einstein famously described as “spooky action at a distance.”

Eventually, the correlations contained all the information, and the individual particles contained none. At that point, Lloyd discovered, particles arrived at a state of equilibrium, and their states stopped changing, like coffee that has cooled to room temperature.

So as we ponder Time, we can initiate a new reality of perception. Instead of speaking in terms of the past or future, my new mode of expression is thus;

“At a different moment in my experience.”

This correlates to my life expression without attaching a time element making time itself erroneous in context to my existence.  Giving me the freedom to live always from a state of Now Awareness.

In this context, I am not consciously supporting the passage or movement of time, but that I am experiencing moments. each moment has its own period, but does not constitute linear progression.

If we chose to do this as a group, or society, we can alter our spin to a state of equilibrium.

My wouldn’t that be a beautiful thing in today’s world. 

Be blessed…

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