Time to start a revolution…. Care to join me, at risk? our lives… At stake? the future of mankind for our children…


How long have I felt outside our society, our make believe world of how life should be. How fucked up the entire unfolding of our history of oppression, destruction and manipulation.

We have always held within us the beauty, the love, the innocence, of our birthright. To bring our true essence to the forefront. I have always known the truth of who I am, the being, forged from the hand of Spirit into a light-form, a resonance frequency of matter, given freewill to make manifest the life that was bestowed upon me, as I enact my will in the forwarding of life upon this planet and within this universe.

So, at this time, while the world is spiraling down the drain of material enslavement of the masses, what will we choose. I don’t know, I guess we can watch “dancing with the stars”, or focus our attention on who in Hollywood, is sleeping with whom. But don’t you feel it? Don’t you feel the welling of your Soul, vibrating in intensity?

The layers of fear, for so long controlling the desire of our collective Soul, stretching to the breaking point. The point of choice. Most people in this world live in this fear of survival every day. Wondering how they will eat, how they will feed their family, how they will make it to tomorrow…

We in this country, we have an obligation to the rest of the world, to use the time we have and our resources, upon this planet to do what is right by all of our human family. We are the richest nation, even those making minimum wage, are richer than most of the world. Look it up, fifty percent of the worlds population lives on less than two dollars a day. How much do you live on per day…
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Pray for all… Victim, Perpetrator, Observer and Witness.


Pray for those who must endure the weight and the pain of an uncaring world… lets watch more war movies and then wonder why we are so desensitized to these images, and think nothing of what is going on in the world… Yes download another game app, to keep us occupied while we do nothing. The perpetrators of this, the soldiers, the drones, the bombs. those who pull the trigger,  they are also living in their own hell. How can we say we believe in a merciful God, and then act out such hatred and aggression. Like the Bob Dylan song, “With God On Our Side”,

“I’ve learned to hate Russians (Replace with any Ethnic Culture)
All through my whole life
If another war comes
It’s them we must fight
To hate them and fear them
To run and to hide
And accept it all bravely
With God on my side.”

I pray for the soldiers too… I have been to combat, And I know the process of being taught to see other human beings as worthless. Everyone involved is responsible, even us, way far away, We play the role of the witness.

Ask everyone you know why we do nothing… Maybe we as a nation will care enough to change the world, for we, as we are told, are the most powerful nation in the world. And we sit, eat McDonald’s, watch TV and do nothing… Not all, but many.

My One Political Posting this Election Year…


“Make America Great Again”, is the slogan, Really? When was that? After World War II?

Who, in the Republican party works ethically from a place of Courage, Hope, Compassion and Understanding?

For all the right wingers out there I have a question to you… Isn’t this how Jesus would choose to address the world of humanity?

I understand, and even my children and their friends see it, with no prompting from me. Why does the GOP wish to live in a world wrapped in nothing but fear? Why do they insist on believing, that we as human beings, do not have an inherent responsibility to all humans…?


Mother Theresa stated, “There is no real success if there is still suffering in the world.” Everything the GOP fights for is a fear based reaction to their own lack of freewill, and or, self worth.

For the party that claims, they want less government, I wish you would just tell the truth. What you want is less control over your own greed… and systematical control of individual choice of every person in, not only this country, but the world.

Why? simple minded fear. Fear of going to hell, fear of your own inner unwillingness to trust anyone’s personal choice for themselves. Fear of actually admitting to yourselves that you are not superior to the rest of the world, because if you were, you would not need to pass laws restricting the personal choices of others.

So lets take a few of the issues you speak against…

The LGBT Community… What are they really doing to you? I hear of the fear, they are recruiting our children… Hate to break it to you, your children will make their own decisions in their own time, no matter what you think. Or is your fear, a projection of your own lack of self worth, that you gave up in your life to others you believed had power over you. I have yet to meet a child of a gay couple who was more messed up or more dysfunctional as a GOP child. How many GOP kids are on Riddlin?  And yes, I have had LGBT friends throughout my life. Sorry your claims are untruths based in fear.

The sanctity of marriage, is not threatened by gay people. For if it was… Everyone of you, in the GOP, who has ever been divorced has done more damage I believe (as a Minister), to the sanctity of marriage, than any gay couple I have ever known. For better for, worse, through sickness and health… How did letting go of these, true vows, not rip apart the depth of what a marriage commitment was meant to be. Oh, I know why, because 2008 the GOP, in a gallup poll, believed Divorce was Immoral by 64% … but in 2010 only 52% of you believe this. Anyone want to explain to me how this became less Immoral?? And why you are more okay with this now, is it, that more of you are choosing it?

A Woman’s right to choose… In your fear, you have gutted the gun stores, emptied the ammo depots and stockpiled, against what? If anyone talks about gun control, you scream, ” No one has the right to take my gun away from me.” And in the next breathe, you decide, that your beliefs allow you the right to take away a woman’s choice to decide if it is time to bring another being into the world. To truly decide whether they have the true capacity to raise a child. I hear you screaming, for what you want them to do, because you think so. In the movie “Parenthood”, Keanu Reves Character say;” They make you take a test to get a license… But they will let any asshole be a parent!” A woman’s right to choose is not always about just having sex and getting rid of the evidence… Sometimes it is an extremely excruciating look into their own souls, to determine what is the best, for both mother and child…

And I have the solution. I hope your sitting down.

I have yet to hear, all those fighting a woman’s right to choose, that they will make this proposition.
” We as those who believe we should decide what another human being should do with their own body, hereby declare that we will take into our homes, every unwanted child. In this way we can abolish abortion because we will take care of all the reasons for having one.”

Who in the GOP is ready to sign up for this one? Anyone? I thought not.

The only depth you will go to solve a problem like this is to take the freedom away, from another, so you can feel better about yourself. And once again we go back to the first truth… that this would infringe, once again, on your personal greed. Oh yeah, and the occasional killing of people to support your cause… hmmm, anyone else see something askew here?

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We’re Back…


It was a blunt exit, after 10 straight days of posting… Moving into a new phase of life, a new phase of home, and a new phase of growth.

Regular posts will began this evening… Hope you have a beautiful Monday.


To make the choice that thousands of years of lineage…


I played a role in the Oregon Fallen Firefighters Memorial today. Which has brought me to take a moment to reflect upon those who have come before me…

I will tell it through the unfolding’s of an evening spent with my Son…

My Son and I were home on a Friday night, and went right into a very intimate evening of heart between us. As I was making dinner, he was kind of just pacing the floor with a half-smile on his face, he hooked me.

“What’s up Buddy?”

“Well… I was thinking… I’m a good person.”

Wow, I almost burst into tears… My Son, at the age of 16, illuminated his Self-worth, and I was able to be witness of the moment.

He continued… “I’m in good shape, I not bad looking, I make good choices…”

I wholeheartedly agreed…

We embarked upon a conversation that goes back to my beginning… I replied… (rather long winded again of course…).

Think about it Man… You’ve done it, you have stepped into the mastery of who you are… When I was your age I was such a fucking wreck… Full of fear, anger, more fear… I was so far away from believing I was worth anything. And, although I searched, (At the age of five I had my parents taking me to priests and rabbi’s, because I wanted someone to explain to me why we were here and why we die.) There was no one who was there to show me, that I had a choice to truly rise above the fear and depression I was locked into…

I have no memory about my Father’s, Father’s life, other than he sat quietly at Holidays. Was a steel man, and a butcher. I can only imagine what my Father’s childhood was like? I know it was ridged.

So when I look back upon those, who’s shoulders I stand upon, I am reminded of the highest honor we can bless our fore-bearers with. That is, to move the stream of consciousness that they have passed on to me, forward.

My brothers and I, each with a significant trait of those things our father loved but never really fulfilled…

The youngest, Dad’s love for motorcycles… The oldest, sailing the seas throughout his life, as our Father never sailed around the world, as he always told us he would do, one day. The third in line, building out of wood and stone, as our Father never really fulfilled his dream of building an airplane in our garage. and I… although we all love to cook, two became chef’s, I one of them, and also  the one he instilled a sense of fathering through…

My Son and I discussed how he is an extension of all of these lives… He is extending the boundaries of accepted reality… and stepping into the “NEO” zone…

He is at the wheel of his life, and knows it! It was also a very poignant moment, As I thought… what are the dreams of mine, that will go unfulfilled… My Son and his Sister, are taking life forward, and what they will unfold will be light years from the world I have grown in.

The acknowledgment to my ancients is simply this… to let them know that my highest role in this stream of consciousness has been fulfilled.

My Son, understanding his own self-worth, consciously, is now twenty years ahead in his life, then I was when I realized this.

How has this role of mine been fulfilled, you may ask? By one simple choice…

To make the choice that thousands of years of lineage of mental, emotional, physical and psychological abuse, ended with me. I would no longer perpetuate the concepts of violence, oppression and control over those lives I have been charged within my care. To encourage instead of condemn. To share what it is to be me as I allowed them to share what it is to be them. They two have carried on some of my dreams… not because I asked them to. Because of those things I shared with them, when they were younger, that I loved.

A young man I worked with and I were talking about this, He had a four day old, free-will Angel of his own, and has chosen to end the linage of darkness passed through our society, for eons. That his son is now plugged into the database, the web of human consciousness… Imagine, what that third generation from mine is going to create, 50 years from now.

So, I honor Louis, Daniel, Luigi, Helen, Sydel, Michael, Abraham, Marshmallow Lady…

I honor you all by presenting to you the future, you created, through every moment, fear, joy and choice of your life.

The future that now knows that we are the creators of the reality we perceive… We have at our disposal, the ability to communicate with millions at a time, while the TRS 80 computer of my youth, had two megabytes of hard space and a green screen. Now the world is within reach.

I honor my past by walking into the future… the post historic world of peace and communion, within the family of humanity, upon this planet.

I hold that I am still in physical form when the transmutation, of this living planet and those upon her, step into the absence of fear…

My Love to you all, and all those you hold dear, in you hearts and in your shadows…

Mother Earth is Ascending

Beautifully said…

Spiritual Journey Healing

img_0569In the last two years, change has been forced on us and everything we know turned upside down. September is a pivotal month supplying our bodies with high and intense energies and will continue into 2017. The ascension process is happening even faster than planned. This is no cause for alarm. This is actually an exciting time in our lives. We have exceeded any previous projections of what we can handle and are well capable of carrying on.

We have been living under restricted conditions (if you believe this or not), imprisoned and controlled by the “dark ones” in our financial system, the media, the military and politics worldwide. However, they’ve been losing their control over us as the light has reached the required level for mother earth to ascend.

Earth is now removing all negativity and is letting what is in the light to shine through. It is time…

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Welcome to my Life…


How many times have you tried to lay down to sleep and are writing 2 songs, writing 2 or 3 workshops, thinking of ideas to add to a book on alternative discipline you are working on, thinking about how you serve the world, you have to do all at one time. You can’t sleep why? Your brain won’t stop. Finally you give up. You don’t even bother going to bed. Why? Your brain is like a freight train. The more you type the more it flows. The more you play the easier it becomes. It overwhelms you, it’s an adrenalin rush beyond imagination. This goes on for…well you have no idea. You have no sense of time.

Then you crash and burn. No warning. You don’t know what happened. You’ve fell into a pit you cannot get out of. You can’t see any light at all. You’re all alone. You’re tired. Nobody cares. You’ve gave it all you had in you, but still not one single person understands you. All you ever hear is “What, Huh, I don’t understand, in English please, Doesn’t make sense”

You’re thinking, I don’t understand. I’m pouring my heart out to you and you can’t understand??? Then what they do makes no sense to you at all, but they all think it’s fine. If you say I don’t understand they laugh at you. You try to make yourself feel better.

You start feeling pressure like you just can’t take things, you don’t fit in. You’ve messed up and hurt everyone you love. You have to get away. So you try to make up a plan to get away. I’ve disappeared for up to 6 months at a time. No one could reach me. Why?

Bi Polar people are very intelligent. Then there’s the irrational impulsive behavior. This is the worst. Bottom falls into pit of no light from emotional pain of crash. You hit bottom.

You try at first to find a way to find a way to get out. It makes you fall deeper. You start secluding yourself, hiding from people. You think you are a total failure. You are cursed and a burden. Each day it gets worse. Then impulsive thought;

End or continue? It is a question that every depressive being has asked. Some make the choice, to end…

Welcome to my world…

The Battle for Humanity and our Planet…


This war is ongoing and there are many fronts to the battle. The number of “greys”, (whether Lizzies, Mars Greys, or any of the countless others), Have a major strong hold on the teetering structures of our false government. I know we have already won… I see it. I see the time that all of the beings that are literally trapped in the 3d realm are so fearful of the moment that they are left alone in this dimensional plane that they are pulling out every conceivable notion at their disposal to keep us from advancing our light signature vibration into higher dimensional vertices.

These attempts will all be in vain… I have witnessed the outcome, I have watched their desperate choices over millennium of times… since they ripped the fabric of their universe through the workings of external merkabas, and they have been working to keep our civilizations of Free Will Angels trapped within this field of perceptivity that we are accustomed at this time.

We must fight by holding the light of truth, the vibration of love, and the blessing of all things we see. To witness all things in truth, without losing our perspective of who we are. The strength within our collective of souls, that will eradicate the lower level fears and doubts in ourselves, and each other. We must also bring the courage of stepping into the threat of those holding darkness around us.

As the Christ stated in his teaching of a young Alexandrian,

“Since you know the ways of kindness and value justice, perhaps the Gods have brought this erring man near that you may lead him into this better way. Maybe you are the salt which is to make this brother more agreeable to all other men; that is, if you have not lost your savor. As it is, this man is your master in that his evil ways unfavorably influence you. Why not assert your mastery of evil by virtue of the power of goodness and thus become the master of all relations between the two of you? I predict that the good in you could overcome the evil in him if you gave it a fair and living chance. There is no adventure in the course of mortal existence more enthralling than to enjoy the exhilaration of becoming the material life partner with spiritual energy and divine truth in one of their triumphant struggles with error and evil. It is a marvelous and transforming experience to become the living channel of spiritual light to the mortal who sits in spiritual darkness. If you are more blessed with truth than is this man, his need should challenge you. Surely you are not the coward who could stand by on the seashore and watch a fellow man who could not swim perish! How much more of value is this man’s soul floundering in darkness compared to his body drowning in water!”

I believe we are ready, willing and able to overcome the degenerative forces that are presenting themselves to us… I also know that we are the ones we have been waiting for…

Bless us all as we model the light for all to see…

Mastery over Fear…


We all have the experience of the mystics coming to us at some point in our lives. Some have passed through, some resist and become medicated, while others swim through the abyss of their dark night of the soul. Life is constantly asking us if we are willing to be annihilated every day, so that we to may be resurrected into our future selves. This is the challenge, this is the dream.

In every moment of life I am being asked to show my mastery over my fears, my doubts and my limitations of self. In every moment of life I am being asked…

Who is in need of my forgiveness? who is in need of my strength? Who is in need of my highest regard? The answer so simply is, me.

For when I fully show up for my life, I have the ability to give the gift of Spirit to those around me. I can guide and teach those who are in need. I can be human and Spirit in form at the same instant. And in this energy I can move mountains. I can reverse the course of destructive events and memories in myself and others.

How often we do not share our perceptual truth for the fear of scaring or hurting another. But in all of these relationships we are given permission, by association, to be our most dynamic and in-depth selves we can be. The universe expects nothing less than this from us, as we should from ourselves.

The challenge laid out before us is to open up to the motion of Spirit through us. To allow Divine guidance to be our map. To settle the mind so that the angels of our lives can be heard through all the darkness we wish to create for ourselves.

Let it be known this is a task for everyone on the planet. To stop masking our true shadows with alcohol, drugs, lies, projections upon others of the things we wish not to see in ourselves. To love ourselves, enough to be ourselves.

So my gift to you all is my unending desire to serve, support and enliven the lives of those around me, and those whom I share this planet with. To show up and know that I am a child of God, and that I have been given the power of free-will to express the truth of the never ending request, to reach for the stars in all I do… anything else is just childish laziness…

May you all know Health, Love and Joy on this and every day.