Who we are…

On Call — for the purpose of altering systems of consciousness and busting patterns of perception.

Adaptive Reality…  unites, in a simple and useful form, the essence of the spiritual concepts that have been presented by the great teachers of all ages, doing so in a manner which is clear, concise and practical. We believe that the philosophy can transform the hearts and minds of humanity and contribute significantly to bringing love, harmony, peace and abundance to all people everywhere, without consideration of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, age or physical conditions.

Therefore, Adaptive Reality community does hereby affirm that it is a teaching, healing and Loving union of Souls carrying Universal Truths to the people of the world, at all levels, using all available resources in the most effective manner to achieve these objectives.

Healing is the process of recovering the true self, so that we can begin to live authentically and flourish, instead of just cope and survive.

With warmth, compassion, insight and creativity ,we can help each other identify, explore and disassemble the beliefs, perceptions and habitual patterns that keep you stuck, limited and in pain. Old, out-moded habits of thought, feeling and behavior can then be released, and new skills acquired.

As we move into deeper, ease and integrity—internally, and in our relationships with others—our capacity to make effective, life forwarding choices will increase, allowing us to create a more authentic, fulfilling, joyful life.

Let us bring the Light and Love that this World so desperately needed.