The Price we Pay…

I received this comment on a response to a post I made on FaceBook as people were attacking teenagers fighting for their right to live without the fear of being shot.

I love when people just react instead of think.

“Damn Michael, you’re fucking naive.”

My response…

So you may think. I understand the situation we are in. I heard for eight years that Obama was going to take our guns. Didn’t happen. In 1994, President Clinton banned Assault Rifles, and our country didn’t collapse.

This BS that stricter controls and better more thorough background checks, plus the removal of Military grade weaponry, will not destroy our nation, just as it didn’t between 1994 and 2004. Ten years without the government running us over, even though we didn’t have AR-15’s to protect us.

Are you allowed to have grenades, claymore mines, or law rockets? No, so why aren’t you bitching about that?

So all of this fear mongering and spreading nothing but rhetoric about an invasion from inside, and all of our guns being taken needs to be based in fact. All it does is incite the fearful into more fear, not solution based thought processes, which may save the lives of more children.

I am also seeing the, “This is what Hitler did” argument. Well since most Nazi’s in this country are white republicans, who love their guns, I don’t see happening. Like I said in an earlier post, The religious NRA loving Right have control of the whole government, so who is it that is coming for our guns?

Oh yeah, you guys are afraid of teenagers who just want to go to school without flack jackets.

Some of the states have found money to arm teachers, Florida put up $4,000,000 to do so. Maybe if we put that money into schools, with more counselors and supplies so teachers can actually do their jobs, may have an impact on this situation.

Hell, cops were on scene in Parkland, trained armed individuals who hid in the face of danger. Two teachers brought guns to school recently and bumbled with them, injuring a student and discharging in the classroom. And we are supposed to believe arming them is a better solution.

Wake up to some facts, not fear… Perpetrated by those who make money from those who manufacture these weapons.

Who is the fucking naive one? Have a great day!

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