The State of our Nation…


The state of our nation…

The world watching helpless, waiting for the implosion that’ll leave us breathless.

DC is just a hill without the will to take responsibility

Slowly, integrity is lost in fake tranquility

The state of our nation.

We expect to honor veterans, but every bill is jettisoned

The city on a hill is now a spoke on a wheel

Turning its back on the people who built it.

Business is booming for those at the top,

While most struggle, two jobs, stale food in the pot


The state of our nation.

Congress is fumbling—education, health, and science are crumbling

Polar bears are stumbling as

We roll the dice on the melting ice.

The people in power don’t understand that they can’t rule without land,

But hey, the EPA was just banned.


The state of our nation.

Old white men talking without a clue, thinking they can subjugate women, and tell them what to do

No shame, no respect, no class, all for pithy ceilings of glass.

Thinking it’s okay to touch your ass, they exist without decorum,

“Rape victims should make the best of a bad situation”—quote Rick Santorum.


The state of our nation.

Our nation’s children are starving in the streets, ripped clothes, tear stained, no shoes on their feet.

Pro-lifers pass them by to yell on the corner,

And when the child dies you can bet they aren’t with the mourners.

This is the state of our nation.









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