The Recreation of the Blog…


Greetings All… 

It has been over a month since I had taken a break. I want to thank those who blessed me for doing so. And thank those who have chosen to follow my little Blog here. 

I had come to a saturation point with this Blog and needed to step away and regroup, asking the question of, why I created this Blog?

As an Empathic Healer & Councilor, I had realized I was spending to much of my writing time pointing out the negatives of the world, and not focusing on the beauty and true healing work of those who are affecting the wholeness of Humanity. 

While watering our garden one day, I had an epiphany. One of my favorite musicians, Michael Franti, who I have been listening to since he began to be known, caught my attention because he was focused on injustice in the world. Showing the hypocrisy of life and hitting with the truth, point-blank.

I saw this as what I was doing… Pointing out the hypocrisy and imbalance in our current situation. Then it hit me. Michael Franti evolved. His music started moving away from the damaged world, and towards spreading the energy of Love, Acceptance, Peace and Understanding. 

This is the crossroad I have come to. This is where I change the narrative to one that lives within my being.

In the world of clairvoyance, I am mostly a clair-audio participant in this world, messages are given to me as I work to be a conduit for Love, Truth, Healing and Light, in this darkening world. And as such, I must speak the messages and visions I receive as a conduit, even in the face of past destruction (i.e., being burned at the stake, hung, drawn & quartered, All from past lives where I was accused of being a witch, a heretic, and a demon). All quite traumatic experiences of my past, and now it is time to come out of hiding and bring these things once again, to Light…

I do hope to be a positive effect upon this planet, in everything I do. If one person says that by knowing me, reading these words, or witnessing my actions in the world, enough to bring a new perspective on their life, I am doing what I was asked to do upon this earth by Spirit, and my own choice to come here again. 

I have so much hope and love for this planet to heal and will be doing everything I can to bring that healing to fruition, even in the face of those dark beings who wish to derail our ascension into the higher frequencies and new dimensional levels. I once again ask all those whom these words resonate with, to join me in doing the one thing this world needs more than anything…

To realize that this whole planetary system, this little blue ball, is one entity. Us included. To spread the Love in our hearts to those around us. To assist those in fear, to find their own strength, to step into the Light. 

And to forgive ourselves, and those who we believe who have transgressed upon us… These choices will free us to create a new world, a recreation, just like this blog. 

My Love, Blessings and Light to you and those you hold dear… In your Hearts and in your Shadow… 


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