What are you willing to stand alone for…


Why is it I spend so much time, in our make-believe society, and spend so little time thinking about things greater than ourselves? Are we so caught up in the game of interactive expressions of value that we don’t even take the time, to see who we are playing with?

Every day from this day forth, as I walk through my days, I will live in truth… I will allow my Shadow / Dark Angel, when it is apparent to me, to be expressed through consciously acknowledging what it is and why it’s up for me. As well, I will allow my Gold / Light Angel, my love, to be expressed to all those who I walk with… I’m getting better at it every day.

I also need everyone else to join me. To move our minds and hearts towards true expression… not just the mask of being a good person, but the totality of whom we are…

One thing that has staggered my life lately is feeling like I am one of very few people that express pretty much everything about themselves in who they are. Ask anyone who knows me… I am pretty straight to the point. For the most part I am in integrity with what I am feeling in any given moment. If you ask me, you will most likely hear what I am really thinking. (Vague, with the “most likely”… But when the Shadow is present I do not always catch it right away.)

This is where you also come into the play of this new reality. I need the mirror of who you are to help me see my shadows, to point out when I am out of alignment.

Also, there will be times, as I pay attention to you, that I will see a reflection of things I choose. Things I may not want to really admit to myself… let alone the rest of the world. But this is what I must do!

I once listened to a man make his case for a cause, he asked a question that I have always tried to answer every day. The question; “What are you willing to stand alone for?”. I interpreted this to ask; what are you willing to support with all of who you are, even if you never truly receive the gift, or outcome, you intended when you began. We all do this at some point, to some degree… just not always consciously.

Well this is mine… Living towards true expression of the self…  To stand naked in the garden of Eden, as I connect to all those within the web of Human-Angel Free-will Destiny beings.

With that said I have a few things to say…

I do so Love Humanity… we are such sacred creatures and very few of us even take the time to realize how grand a being we are. That I bless, throughout my day, all those I encounter…

May you all feel the depth of who you truly are… to feel what it feels like to be in complete emotional integrity with yourself and the absence of fear in which to express it!


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