The Misdirection…



As our nation tries to spread American ideals and democracy around the world, why is it so often rejected? It is rejected because we have so little to show for our own democracy and ideals.

How could we possibly be a gleaming example of what is better than anything else out there?

The rest of the world sees how broken our country is and yet, still we try to push down it‘s throat the idea that we are better. In reality, it seems that all we are hoping for is for another market to open up so that we can keep the illusion of economic solvency hidden from the eyes of the people that we use to keep our own wheels turning.

We lie…

If we really wanted to make the world a better place, we would make our own nation the first example. Yet, we do not. We show the world how politically divided we are, how everyday we allow our own men, women, and children to starve. We allow people to die on the streets, while only 74 of us divide 38 billion dollars (2009), as the rest of us tank alongside the economy at that time.

We want people to think that we are a caring nation, but we are the first to strike the world out of rage instead of understanding. We talk about equality, yet we are a nation divided since the time of the Civil War.

There are many of us who care and give so much, while our constant media stream is bloated by narcissism and the adrenaline of being first that the voices of those who truly care are often drowned out.

We witness so much destruction from daily news coverage that we have yet to feel united as a people who realize the mistakes that we have made, so that we can use our knowledge to move forward in life.

However, we can’t move forward because we are still unable, as a world, to realize that we are all in the same boat; that we are all doing our best to try to survive. We take the idea of survival as something to keep us fearful addicts of adrenaline competition. What is this competition? It is the “appearance” competition.

At this time, I do believe that more people would be willing to take the risk of forward movement, if they were not held back by the final, old though paradigm power block. For how many years must we hear that the system is broken before we let go of the want to push only our own agendas, rather than an agenda worth pushing?

Join those of us who are willing to let go of the old agenda.

Obama was fucked from the start and still he moved forward. Even if his agenda is not met, he has succeeded in shifting an entire swing of thought, bringing up old wounds that we now watch being fought on c-span.

Some of the only people making sense are the ones that see that we are a nation of individuals. That we are not just the ants and grasshoppers in the movie “A Bug’s Life”. We are not just the scared, naive zealots that we are portrayed to be.

Many of us are watching and observing the levels of control. We see the manipulation, the futility in knowing that the final bubble that has not yet popped is the imaginary line of division between every human being, in our daily experiences.

Everyday we are taught to fear each other and we know that this is not right.  

We are at a pinnacle in  our societal evolution. Do we take the time to stop everything for a moment to ask,

“Isn’t it time that we quit wasting our resources in this world wide economic battle of make believe?“

“Isn’t it time to utilize our incredible, collective knowledge to bring all people to the same level; where there is no poverty, no crime, less addiction, not as many drug wars, less stress, etc?“

Recently, in the polarized resistance of two sides, the process of exposing a fissure in the old scarcity paradigm as a crack in the vessel of separation. This has allowed all people to believe in something different; to ask themselves, “Did all of this happen just so that I can watch people with no impact on my life from a 50 inch TV?“

This madness is giving all of us permission to believe, that this planet was designed for a purpose much greater than the needless deaths of millions…

We all dream of a better world for ourselves and our children, yet we invest very little time in the co-creation of it, if it doesn’t fit into our weekly schedule.

 I think that it is time we make it fit.

The hardest questions, however, still are,

1. “How do we break our national addiction to the negative news and fear tactics of control?”

2. “How do we shift our conscious thought from scarcity to abundance?”

3. How do we all work for the betterment of all mankind?”

This is the dialogue we should have. As much responsibility as I take for allowing it‘s inception, I truly couldn’t give a fuck about who is on “Dancing With The Stars”.

The next question to our faith believing nation is,“Do we trust in our basic humanity to care?“

“Do we trust that if we invest in the care of others so that we don’t need to steal, that we are safe in that freedom?”

“Do we have enough faith in our hearts not to go to war with each over perceived cultural trespasses?“

“Do we acknowledge our fear of each other in those moments and choose to see each other for who we truly are?“

We are the angels God, created to move past evolutionary reaction and separation so that we can move into the next phase shift of our growth. We are here to stop the disputes over areas of the rock we all live on, so that we can move into a world unhampered in a progression toward greener technologies, sustainable fuels, and the redrafting of our wasteful packing practices.

We are here to stop living for the appearance that any one of us has our shit together; except how to hide and play the game of economy, and to start living together so that we can create peace, love and joy free of fear, hate and starvation, of the body and the soul…  

I believe in us…



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