The word can bring fear to the heart of the undecided. To overthink and create a myriad of imaginary scenarios, based upon the musings of the fearful mind.

There is a subtly difference between the feelings of doubt, and the intuitive voice, speaking from within. Usually doubt begins when we let go of the capacity to believe in our worth to live up to what is being laid before us in the moment.

Intuition that tells us to tread lightly, does not base it’s concern through a projected created reality that comes from false evidence appearing real (FEAR).

I certainly live with doubt, and again I know that my doubts are do to my continued work on my place and worth in the world. Everyday I must choose the strength of the knowledge that no one is above me, and no one is below me. That I have everything I need to succeed in the face of my fears…

Intuition does not create imaginations of peril. It quietly asks, “Is this really for you?”

The quest is to learn the language of my doubt, and intuition enough to know the difference.

Blessings, Love & Light to you and those you hold dear…


via Daily Prompt: Doubt

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