The Misdirection…



As our nation tries to spread American ideals and democracy around the world, why is it so often rejected? It is rejected because we have so little to show for our own democracy and ideals.

How could we possibly be a gleaming example of what is better than anything else out there?

The rest of the world sees how broken our country is and yet, still we try to push down it‘s throat the idea that we are better. In reality, it seems that all we are hoping for is for another market to open up so that we can keep the illusion of economic solvency hidden from the eyes of the people that we use to keep our own wheels turning.

We lie…

If we really wanted to make the world a better place, we would make our own nation the first example. Yet, we do not. We show the world how politically divided we are, how everyday we allow our own men, women, and children to starve. We allow people to die on the streets, while only 74 of us divide 38 billion dollars (2009), as the rest of us tank alongside the economy at that time.

We want people to think that we are a caring nation, but we are the first to strike the world out of rage instead of understanding. We talk about equality, yet we are a nation divided since the time of the Civil War.

There are many of us who care and give so much, while our constant media stream is bloated by narcissism and the adrenaline of being first that the voices of those who truly care are often drowned out.

We witness so much destruction from daily news coverage that we have yet to feel united as a people who realize the mistakes that we have made, so that we can use our knowledge to move forward in life.

However, we can’t move forward because we are still unable, as a world, to realize that we are all in the same boat; that we are all doing our best to try to survive. We take the idea of survival as something to keep us fearful addicts of adrenaline competition. What is this competition? It is the “appearance” competition.

At this time, I do believe that more people would be willing to take the risk of forward movement, if they were not held back by the final, old though paradigm power block. For how many years must we hear that the system is broken before we let go of the want to push only our own agendas, rather than an agenda worth pushing?

Join those of us who are willing to let go of the old agenda.

Obama was fucked from the start and still he moved forward. Even if his agenda is not met, he has succeeded in shifting an entire swing of thought, bringing up old wounds that we now watch being fought on c-span.

Some of the only people making sense are the ones that see that we are a nation of individuals. That we are not just the ants and grasshoppers in the movie “A Bug’s Life”. We are not just the scared, naive zealots that we are portrayed to be.

Many of us are watching and observing the levels of control. We see the manipulation, the futility in knowing that the final bubble that has not yet popped is the imaginary line of division between every human being, in our daily experiences.

Everyday we are taught to fear each other and we know that this is not right.  

We are at a pinnacle in  our societal evolution. Do we take the time to stop everything for a moment to ask,

“Isn’t it time that we quit wasting our resources in this world wide economic battle of make believe?“

“Isn’t it time to utilize our incredible, collective knowledge to bring all people to the same level; where there is no poverty, no crime, less addiction, not as many drug wars, less stress, etc?“

Recently, in the polarized resistance of two sides, the process of exposing a fissure in the old scarcity paradigm as a crack in the vessel of separation. This has allowed all people to believe in something different; to ask themselves, “Did all of this happen just so that I can watch people with no impact on my life from a 50 inch TV?“

This madness is giving all of us permission to believe, that this planet was designed for a purpose much greater than the needless deaths of millions…

We all dream of a better world for ourselves and our children, yet we invest very little time in the co-creation of it, if it doesn’t fit into our weekly schedule.

 I think that it is time we make it fit.

The hardest questions, however, still are,

1. “How do we break our national addiction to the negative news and fear tactics of control?”

2. “How do we shift our conscious thought from scarcity to abundance?”

3. How do we all work for the betterment of all mankind?”

This is the dialogue we should have. As much responsibility as I take for allowing it‘s inception, I truly couldn’t give a fuck about who is on “Dancing With The Stars”.

The next question to our faith believing nation is,“Do we trust in our basic humanity to care?“

“Do we trust that if we invest in the care of others so that we don’t need to steal, that we are safe in that freedom?”

“Do we have enough faith in our hearts not to go to war with each over perceived cultural trespasses?“

“Do we acknowledge our fear of each other in those moments and choose to see each other for who we truly are?“

We are the angels God, created to move past evolutionary reaction and separation so that we can move into the next phase shift of our growth. We are here to stop the disputes over areas of the rock we all live on, so that we can move into a world unhampered in a progression toward greener technologies, sustainable fuels, and the redrafting of our wasteful packing practices.

We are here to stop living for the appearance that any one of us has our shit together; except how to hide and play the game of economy, and to start living together so that we can create peace, love and joy free of fear, hate and starvation, of the body and the soul…  

I believe in us…



Accepted Insanity…


As we watch our country’s leaders make a mockery of the constitution, lie outwardly in a fashion never seen before, and attack the independent media with the threat of jail for not throwing a salute to the egos of our new Banana Republic. We are witnessing the fall of America.

We as a nation stand upon the precipice of a collapse. And we are, For the most part accepting the insanity.
We have accepted the taking away of our unalienable right to follow the Declaration of Independence which says;
“governments derive their just powers from the consent of those governed.”
As Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln both referred to the people’s “right of revolution”.
How long will we as a nation watch the events unfolding, believing that those in power will change it? Two parties just means, two sides of the same coin.
We see in other countries people rising up to oppose those decisions which are unpopular, and those have had the effect of reversing votes and policy.
The issue for us is the size of our nation. To bring millions together to halt the workings of a system that is against us, to truly let those in power know we are not amused. As celebrations of massive tax cuts for the top 2% happen in our Congress right front of our eyes.
Those in this country that would like to see everybody be taken care of, as in not starving and the ability to receive health care when needed, are the ones who give the most in time and energy to serve others throughout their lives. Most are just getting by themselves but are still willing to give to others.
Those in this country who do not believe it is worth providing these basic needs are either in the top 2%, or in the bottom 40% believing they owe nothing to anyone but themselves. All the while, pretending to follow Christ’s teachings. The funny part is that they truly bought into the fake promise of capitalism’s benefits, while being economic slaves themselves. As in this quote, attributed to John Steinbeck;
Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat, but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.
What now? Do we wait to die a slow excruciating death of the downward spiral of this, once, Great Nation? Or do we Rise Up?
I will end this post with some inspirational lyrics from the musical Hamilton.  I have taken liberty with editing out some repeating parts to emphasize that which speaks to this post. These lyrics are from the end of the song “My Shot” All credit goes to
Lin-Manuel Miranda.
Rise up
When you’re living on your knees, you rise up
Tell your brother that he’s got to rise up
Tell your sister that she’s got to rise up

When are these colonies gonna rise up 
Rise up

Scratch that
This is not a moment, it’s the movement
Where all the hungriest brothers with something to prove went
Foes oppose us, we take an honest stand
We roll like Moses, claimin’ our Promised Land

And? If we win our independence?
‘Zat a guarantee of freedom for our descendants?
Or will the blood we shed begin an endless
Cycle of vengeance and death with no defendants?

I know the action in the street is excitin’
But Jesus, between all the bleedin’ ‘n fightin’
I’ve been readin’ ‘n writin’
We need to handle our financial situation
Are we a nation of states? What’s the state of our nation?

I’m past patiently waitin’! I’m passionately smashin’ every expectation
Every action’s an act of creation
I’m laughin’ in the face of casualties and sorrow
For the first time, I’m thinkin’ past tomorrow

Our next step…

As we rise in vibration, there is light being shed upon exposing that which is not healed. This is why we are witnessing such a distinction in those wanting to control by fear, and those who are living from the view of acceptance and compassion.

The lighter the Light, the Darker the Dark.

How Hell Works…



Have you ever heard the saying…

Religion is for those afraid of Hell… Spirituality is for those who have already been there.

Whether you believe there is a Hell in the middle of the earth or not, that is not what this post is about. This post is about the actual “Individual Soul’s” reaction to Hell,  living, or dead.

I see it all the time. People standing right next to each other, one is living in Heaven while the other is in Hell. I assume anyone reading this has experienced this first hand, or has witnessed it.

So what is the Hell I am talking about?

To start, I believe we have the ability to create our own perceptions of Reality.


As both you and I look at this apple, we would both say it is green. Unless you experience color-blindness, and yet, due to the make up of our eyes, our vision receptors, etc, we may not be seeing the same hue of green. The reality is, the apple is green. Your perception and mine, can be totally different.

So, through our perception, combined with our emotion, we create that which we see and accept. Same goes for living in either Heaven or Hell. I know this to be true as for many years of my life (say the first 40), I lived in hell. A state of my own design. Trapped in it, experiencing major depression on a massive scale. For whatever reason, when I reached rock bottom, and the last question was a choice between End? or Continue? There was always the tiniest spark of life that reminded me to choose to continue. It was close a few times…

There are teachings and expressions in all forms being shown to us everyday. Where we can see and hear the truth of what is being expressed.

If you haven’t seen the FOX TV show Lucifer, it is a great revealing of several truths about the Human creation of Hell. The Self Created Torture that we as Human Beings can experience internally, and project externally upon everything.

This clip gives a prime example of how our own guilt places us in hell. I have the transcription of this clip below. My favorite line when asked how the professor can get out of Hell?

“Oh, it’s quite simple, You can’t… Not until you believe you no longer deserve it.”


Professor; It keeps happening over and over, like I’m in hell.

Lucifer; There is no like about it. 

Professor; What is this?

Lucifer;This is a torture of your own making… Fueled by guilt, with a little bit of flair thrown in for fun.

Professor; How do I get out of here?

Lucifer; Oh, it’s quite simple, You can’t…
Not until you believe you no longer deserve it. And I’ve never seen anyone pull themselves out of here.

Starting to see how we design Hell?

Gregg Bradden, Author of several books, and a speaker, wrote a book called “Walking Between the Worlds”. In this book he spoke of a fire meditation in which you gaze into the clear space within a flame. While he was doing this, after a time, a head started to emerge from the flames. It was quite gruesome and brought fear to his core, as he was alone. This head revealed itself as Lucifer, ruler of the underworld. But as it turned towards him it morphed into the face of a crying innocent child.

Think about it. For 200 million + years, Lucifer was asked by God, and charged with holding the darkness, for us, in this world of duality.

Can you imagine how lonely and perilous an experience. To be an Angel of Light, and to be given the task of holding our worst? So, if this were your task, and everything us Humans do that is unsavory, was handed to you, as we blame you for all of it. Wouldn’t you react like Lucifer does in this clip?

And at this time we are seeing what happens when no one takes responsibility for their choices and actions. We have the biggest darkest scapegoat there is.

So how do we get to Hell for ourselves? We self implode.

We get so deep into our own pain, often to the point that we have no perception of the outside world. We see people, but they are just shells, blurred movements before us, that have no resemblance to those we know and love, when we are in the depths of our darkest hours.

I know this swimming hole, and I am glad I learned how to swim.

In the film What Dreams May Come, we are shown how our emotions and feelings of grief are important to release the things that have come up for us. The trap is not choosing to come out the other-side.

(Spoiler alert)

This is exemplified through the characters of the wife Annie, who lost her children and then her husband. The weight of the grief cut her off from the rest of reality, and then she committed suicide.

Our Soul lives on, if we choose to live a Soul Surviving Life (an earlier post), and our Soul Personality continues. What we hold the most energetically when we transition, is what we will carry with us. This is depicted in this movie. Annie has no idea she had died. Because her Soul’s vibration-ality was stuck at such a low frequency for so long, it was the only thing she knew and carried with her.

For myself, the moment of clarity during my many years of struggle with depression, was that no one had ever told me I had a choice. I never realized through all that time that I could change the direction my being was heading, just by making the choice to do so.

And so it is… Heaven or Hell is just a choice away.

I don’t say this glibly. It is not easy, and it took years of trial and error for me, but eventually I did it. I learned to understand the signs of an energetic dive into my despair… I learned to be afraid, and to choose life anyway… And so can you.

Blessings, Love and Light to you and those your hold dear. In your heart and in your shadow…


It is always, Both / And…


As I watch the polarization of humanity, in all different realms in our world of duality, I have seen a simple solution.

We must realize that the answer is always, Both / And…

What do I mean by this? Lets look at a few examples.

Religion and Science

Evolution or Creative Design?

How about both. There is a constant debate, back and forth, between these two camps. What if we accept it is both, as explained in the book, “BioCentrism” by Robert Landa, MD.

The fact that we exist to witness the wonders of our universe, while having such a limited perceptual field, brings the notion that it wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for us to perceive.

This supports the concept that when we think of the creation story, it is a metaphoric translation of the fact that the beginning of the universe, was the first conscious thought. And as another and another thought was added to the whole, there was a space for light to be created.

My point being, it would take both the etheric unfoldings, of creations perfection, to stimulate such a small vibrational frequency bandwidth,  for us to perceive. And, the physical and conscious evolution of those  creatures upon the planet, to transmute into the physical expressions that survive today. As we see those whose beings were designed for a different time (like a Rhinoceros), edging out of the newer, higher bandwidth, that the planet and other conscious beings are moving into.

Science is the measuring stick, but science let go of the ghost in the machine. When Descartes declared the universe a mechanical system. It relegated the spiritual element that the Mystics, Druids and other Alchemists held to the shadows. Removing the combined connection that both Science and Spirituality brought to the table.

Finally, with quantum physics, we are bringing the two sects of duality in this matter back to the marriage they held for so many years. The observer effects the observed.

Freewill & Fate-

Once again, not separate entities, but two sides of the same coin.

There is, as many of us have lived, the flow of life. Where synchronicity seems to be firing off for us as we move forward. And other times where we feel like we are swimming against a raging rapids.

So in this syncronistic patterning, life and our individual aspect of our Soul, are offered a course to flow within.  Sometimes this flow happens when we are following a contract we have set up with another before we arrived here, other agreements are made in dreams, with other sleeping Souls.

The Freewill portion of this combination is our choice how to respond to what is placed before us. If each of us is an expression of Spirit, combined with our individual aspect of self, the error comes in choosing against what you know to be the true answer or action.

Most of us choose to hide in the fear instead of realizing that the gift of synchronicity is on the other-side of our fear.

Both / And… If things weren’t set in motion for us from external forces, we would never be challenged to stretch our bodies or consciousness in the ways we do when thrust into situations, where we say WTF? And forgetting that we set up the moment for ourselves.

Taking Action and Trusting the Universe to provide

As we each direct the creation of our lives, through our choices and flow, we step into the video game of life.

When my children were younger, I used this to describe how to work with life. Deciphering between the possibilities and the probabilities.

I told them to think about it as if playing a role-playing game. They are their Higher Self, projecting this physical body into the 3 dimensional realm, and arriving at a door.

The universe provided the door. We have to choose whether it is a door for us, or not. Once we walk into a level, it is our act of trusting that the Clues have been placed all around us, to find, interpret, and take actions upon those findings. Do I break open this box or that one, find the potion or trinket that will help us as we move to the next level.

All the clues are there. We just have to get our Ego, out-of-the-way. The aspect of ourselves which believes it knows best by taking action only to serve the self. Whether it is hiding from our fears, or acting out in controlling, and unhappy ways, because life becomes much more of a struggle when we try to force life to match our will only.

Politics and the Two Party System- Okay… I’m not even going to touch this one at this time. Ha!

These are just a few of ways we can bring the conflicting polarization’s to an end.

If you have other examples of Both / And…, please share them in the comments.

Blessings, Love and Light to you…

Ego or Soul Surviving Life…


I see it all the time. People trying to control their environment through emotional impact or just aggressive exertion. All with the same desired outcome, to control life, avoid fear, and make it through the day. The problem is thinking we are in control, when we are fighting against the current that life is unfolding in front of us.

Starseed 1

This passage is from the book, “The Star-Seed Transmissions”, it was written many years ago, and still it is a guidance reference for those who know we have to raise the vibration of humanity if we are to survive. The issue is, are we willing to trust and move with life? Or, still believe we must push against it, force it to our Ego-will.

Life is always, in the moment, giving us clues as to which direction or choice is going to serve. The problem is, in our fear and most often scarcity consciousness, we stop looking. We choose to not see what is immediately in front of us, shinning just a little brighter, trying to get our attention. Most of the time we sweep it by with our emotions of fear and lack, using our Ego-will, instead of learning to surrender and trust the current flowing around us.

FEAR is an acronym for, “False Evidence Appearing Real”.  As I have spoken before about our 4 body system, fear is just an energetic reminder to open our eyes a little wider, listen a little deeper, to pay attention a little stronger. Mostly we shrink and miss it all. I am still learning this one.

And, everyday I open myself up more to the mystery. To know that in the moment, the answer is there if I look inside, and out, for it. That life wants us to succeed, to flourish, to bring our wholeness to the fore, and make life forwarding choices.

What is a life forwarding choice? Well, if I am an extension of all that is, shouldn’t my choices be made to include all that is? So I have come up with a challenge question to use in the moment when I haven’t found the clues, and still need to make a choice.

“Does the answer I am creating serve everyone involved? Or, just me?”

To live a Soul Surviving Life means to live for life itself… I support it, and it supports me. A symbiotic relationship with the unseen energies that are swirling all around me. To know that I wasn’t placed on this planet to just serve myself. I was placed here to witness life, to record it for all of consciousness, through my senses and my mind. To blend the etheric and the physical into a union that supports all life I come into contact with. It certainly is a challenge, but one worth striving for.

Think of it this way… If all I am doing is living to serve myself, why would life need me to continue? I am in no way contributing to the unfolding of consciousness when I am thinking only of myself.

But, if I am living to witness and dance within the frequencies of Love, support, Light and growth, I am living a life that is beneficial to life. I hold that this is the one thing I can do for the universe and all of its inhabitants. And in doing so, life is happy to oblige my quirky desires from time to time. And, when it is time to transition from 3d to another level of reality, life says, “come along… you have helped us so far, we can use you as we move forward.”

I hold this as Truth. I hope you find your ability to live a Soul Surviving Life… If you feel close, keep moving with it, the miracles that are waiting to unfold are there for you. Not your Ego.

If you find yourself struggling… I am here to help. I’m just a message away. Now, create for life because life includes you!

Where is your heart for the world…


We will win… The light in your heart is needed. As our world spins out of control, it is you who is needed. It is time to drop the fear and separation that our governments and mainstream media want us to believe.

It is time to reach down into your Soul and call upon your courage to stand up for the truth. The truth is that our country is systematically being ripped apart, on purpose. Our supposed leaders certainly have shown us lately that they have no concern for the populace of this nation. How our civil liberties have been sold to the highest bidder. How the corporate controllers are allowed to do whatever they wish, without any fear of reprisal.

We are the one’s who are here to hold them accountable. We are the one’s to start a new American revolution. The problem is that we are too afraid, to lazy, and too comfortable to do anything about it.

As the line in the Broadway Musical,”Hamilton”,

“If you stand for nothing, what will you fall for.”

And it is time to follow this line;

“I would rather be divisive, than indecisive.”

It is time to start making noise. This video is about 40 years old but it is so much more appropriate now.

As I say this it may be misconstrued that I am calling for violence. On the contrary, I am calling for your compassion, your heart, your voice. Speak for those who cannot. Defend the defenceless. Stand up for the right thing. Reach into your heart and become the Angel you pray too. Be the light of Spirit and let your light flood through the darkness. Risk a lot to save a lot. If your precious life is worth living, then what are you living for?

Why are you here, if you are not working to make this world better, why are you here? A flat screen, a pretty rock, your ego being stroked?

Who is willing to help make this world a better place, for my children? For all of the children.

It is time for the old guard and consciousness to be replaced by the new. Are you willing to step out of comfort to recreate the world? You have the power, stop hiding, spread your wings, and light upon all you come in contact with. It will spread… We can change the world.

Whose with me?

Life at it’s core…

How many times life allows us to renew ourselves, as it unfolds before us. 
Each moment our bodies are projected into this 3d world in occilating wave forms of probability. Allowing us in every moment to regenerate and recreate the frequencies of health and direction of path and purpose.

When we drag the anchors of our past experience into the new moment, we are keeping the past moment alive in our cells, and they will respond accordingly.

Miracles exisit within the choosing of a new vision, and conscious choice to disprupt the pattern we have set into motion. 

What miracle would you choose to see unfold in your life, knowing you have the power to instantly create a new vision of where your life should be, and live it without question.

Be the bravest version of yourself and take everyones reaction out of the equation. Where will you find yourself if you did?

Blessings Love & Light to you and those you hold dear…




The word can bring fear to the heart of the undecided. To overthink and create a myriad of imaginary scenarios, based upon the musings of the fearful mind.

There is a subtly difference between the feelings of doubt, and the intuitive voice, speaking from within. Usually doubt begins when we let go of the capacity to believe in our worth to live up to what is being laid before us in the moment.

Intuition that tells us to tread lightly, does not base it’s concern through a projected created reality that comes from false evidence appearing real (FEAR).

I certainly live with doubt, and again I know that my doubts are do to my continued work on my place and worth in the world. Everyday I must choose the strength of the knowledge that no one is above me, and no one is below me. That I have everything I need to succeed in the face of my fears…

Intuition does not create imaginations of peril. It quietly asks, “Is this really for you?”

The quest is to learn the language of my doubt, and intuition enough to know the difference.

Blessings, Love & Light to you and those you hold dear…


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