The Beauty in the world…


Our world is beautiful and full of Loving beings who live for Love…
It is easy to get caught up in the horror of our world. They shove it down our throats every day. And some days I drink the Cool-Aid.

I want to focus on the good in the world. The moments we never hear about. Kindness, Compassion, Loving acts, towards the self or others. It baffles my mind how unhinged this world is, and uncaring for other human beings.

I am setting the goal of remembering to forgive all those involved in each situation. Whether they are the Perpetrator, the Victim, the Witness or the Observer.

It is the belief that Light is such a greater power than darkness. And that in the end, it is all reckoned and dealt with in ways that are unseen to me.

In each moment I will believe that as I walk in humility, and compassion, I can effect the hearts of those around me. To see a greater vision of their actions and repercussions through being the reflection to them of their mirrors.

To assist in a good way, the use of new eyes in an old paradigm. We are shifting, it is palpable, and most are not prepared.

Clean the body, but more importantly clean out the mind of outdated teachings and thoughts that hold no weight in the higher vibrations of the will of the worlds true leaders. The Children. They see the BS and call it. Why we still believe in allowing those positions of power to have any idea of where we should be moving to, just because they have been around the sun more than us, is just ridiculous.

We have the chance to heal the world at our finger tips…

Are you living to keep the Matrix intact? Or are we projecting a new higher version of ourselves into the mix. Disrupting the status quo with truth and beauty.

The time is now… The action must come from us. Let’s create a new world society where we leave the old destructive patterns behind and create a world of life and wonderment as never before…

My Love and Blessings to you all, and those you hold dear in your Hearts and in your Shadows…

One thought on “The Beauty in the world…

  1. Hi,
    The picture of a man catching the mother earth is really touchy. It can have many ways of expressing the love. Thanks for nice picture. Can I use this picture in my presentation to show on how the love should be? Thank you in advance.

    Kind Regards,
    Chhatra Basnet


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