Be Real… not a Recording..

This post started as a comment on another blog written by Pat Cegan, speaking of age…

 I often have people telling me that smoking my half a pack of cigarettes will kill me. I thank them for their projection upon me, but I happily decline to accept it.

Always finishing with; 

“Want to hear a secret?”  (And of course they do.)

So I look them squarely in the eyes and say;

“None of us get out of here alive…”

Life is about living and experiencing life. I love to eat good food and watch the stars at night. I truly enjoy a thought out risk, and the exilleration that comes with it.

I enjoy life as much as I can. Some days, better than others.

Other people who choose to workout, run, speedwalk, eat protein powder, etc.,etc… And sure, they have a better body, but are they happier because of it. Or is it the fear of death that motivates them to try to out run it?

I also love when people say, “That is going to take years off your life.” And I always think, and at times ask,  “So how would I know? 

I ask them directly; “Do you know when your time will come?” And of course most often I here, “No.”

“Then how in the world do you think what you just said to me makes any sense?”

I mean, I’m not trying to be a dick to people, I just wish they would think before speaking more often. Not just rehash an old worn out statement someone most likely said to them in the past.

I bless everyone I come in contact with, and wish no one negetive experiences, or harm, and would love to live in a world where people would do the same. 

Instead of thinking they know a thing about me, or anyone else for that matter. Most are just trying not to be seen as something less than, so they try to outsmart the next person, instead of truly seeing them. Actually getting out of the inate narscisim and see the beauty of another Soul. 

Not just their abilty to regurgitate shit that they believe others will accept, so they can be okay with themselves, for a moment.

Be willing to be the fool for truth and connection. Be willing to be annihilated for the truth of who you are. 

Or, I guess, we  can all just play a co-starring role in everyone else’s lives, and never truly take center stage for our own…

Ponder that for a while before you just blurt out noise that doesn’t add to, or improve life in any way…

Blessings, Love and Light…

4 thoughts on “Be Real… not a Recording..

  1. I bless everyone I come in contact with, and wish no one negative experiences, or harm, and would love to live in a world where people would do the same.

    What a beautiful world we would have, indeed if we followed your thoughtful guideline. Looking forward to reading more of your work. hugs, pat

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  2. Thanks for your honest and thought-provoking post Michael. I appreciate the reminder that I don’t know what is best for someone else or if in fact smoking or any other behavior I deem less healthy will, in fact shorten their life. Plus, it is their life to choose. And it gets complicated when other people’s choices impact me and the planet in a seemingly negative way. Do we have a right to ask or make them stop in those cases?

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    • Certainly! I have never smoked in my house, or anyone ele’s for that matter. I believe there is nothing wrong with asking people to be conscious of their actions when they are not. To remind others that their choices, in the moment, or far reaching destructive choices can always be spoken to. The issue, as we saw in Portland, OR this week, is to be prepared that when speakimg up, it can always take a turn for the worst in dealing with those still plugged into the corrupted imaginary world they live in.

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