How Hell Works…



Have you ever heard the saying…

Religion is for those afraid of Hell… Spirituality is for those who have already been there.

Whether you believe there is a Hell in the middle of the earth or not, that is not what this post is about. This post is about the actual “Individual Soul’s” reaction to Hell,  living, or dead.

I see it all the time. People standing right next to each other, one is living in Heaven while the other is in Hell. I assume anyone reading this has experienced this first hand, or has witnessed it.

So what is the Hell I am talking about?

To start, I believe we have the ability to create our own perceptions of Reality.


As both you and I look at this apple, we would both say it is green. Unless you experience color-blindness, and yet, due to the make up of our eyes, our vision receptors, etc, we may not be seeing the same hue of green. The reality is, the apple is green. Your perception and mine, can be totally different.

So, through our perception, combined with our emotion, we create that which we see and accept. Same goes for living in either Heaven or Hell. I know this to be true as for many years of my life (say the first 40), I lived in hell. A state of my own design. Trapped in it, experiencing major depression on a massive scale. For whatever reason, when I reached rock bottom, and the last question was a choice between End? or Continue? There was always the tiniest spark of life that reminded me to choose to continue. It was close a few times…

There are teachings and expressions in all forms being shown to us everyday. Where we can see and hear the truth of what is being expressed.

If you haven’t seen the FOX TV show Lucifer, it is a great revealing of several truths about the Human creation of Hell. The Self Created Torture that we as Human Beings can experience internally, and project externally upon everything.

This clip gives a prime example of how our own guilt places us in hell. I have the transcription of this clip below. My favorite line when asked how the professor can get out of Hell?

“Oh, it’s quite simple, You can’t… Not until you believe you no longer deserve it.”


Professor; It keeps happening over and over, like I’m in hell.

Lucifer; There is no like about it. 

Professor; What is this?

Lucifer;This is a torture of your own making… Fueled by guilt, with a little bit of flair thrown in for fun.

Professor; How do I get out of here?

Lucifer; Oh, it’s quite simple, You can’t…
Not until you believe you no longer deserve it. And I’ve never seen anyone pull themselves out of here.

Starting to see how we design Hell?

Gregg Bradden, Author of several books, and a speaker, wrote a book called “Walking Between the Worlds”. In this book he spoke of a fire meditation in which you gaze into the clear space within a flame. While he was doing this, after a time, a head started to emerge from the flames. It was quite gruesome and brought fear to his core, as he was alone. This head revealed itself as Lucifer, ruler of the underworld. But as it turned towards him it morphed into the face of a crying innocent child.

Think about it. For 200 million + years, Lucifer was asked by God, and charged with holding the darkness, for us, in this world of duality.

Can you imagine how lonely and perilous an experience. To be an Angel of Light, and to be given the task of holding our worst? So, if this were your task, and everything us Humans do that is unsavory, was handed to you, as we blame you for all of it. Wouldn’t you react like Lucifer does in this clip?

And at this time we are seeing what happens when no one takes responsibility for their choices and actions. We have the biggest darkest scapegoat there is.

So how do we get to Hell for ourselves? We self implode.

We get so deep into our own pain, often to the point that we have no perception of the outside world. We see people, but they are just shells, blurred movements before us, that have no resemblance to those we know and love, when we are in the depths of our darkest hours.

I know this swimming hole, and I am glad I learned how to swim.

In the film What Dreams May Come, we are shown how our emotions and feelings of grief are important to release the things that have come up for us. The trap is not choosing to come out the other-side.

(Spoiler alert)

This is exemplified through the characters of the wife Annie, who lost her children and then her husband. The weight of the grief cut her off from the rest of reality, and then she committed suicide.

Our Soul lives on, if we choose to live a Soul Surviving Life (an earlier post), and our Soul Personality continues. What we hold the most energetically when we transition, is what we will carry with us. This is depicted in this movie. Annie has no idea she had died. Because her Soul’s vibration-ality was stuck at such a low frequency for so long, it was the only thing she knew and carried with her.

For myself, the moment of clarity during my many years of struggle with depression, was that no one had ever told me I had a choice. I never realized through all that time that I could change the direction my being was heading, just by making the choice to do so.

And so it is… Heaven or Hell is just a choice away.

I don’t say this glibly. It is not easy, and it took years of trial and error for me, but eventually I did it. I learned to understand the signs of an energetic dive into my despair… I learned to be afraid, and to choose life anyway… And so can you.

Blessings, Love and Light to you and those your hold dear. In your heart and in your shadow…


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