It is always, Both / And…


As I watch the polarization of humanity, in all different realms in our world of duality, I have seen a simple solution.

We must realize that the answer is always, Both / And…

What do I mean by this? Lets look at a few examples.

Religion and Science

Evolution or Creative Design?

How about both. There is a constant debate, back and forth, between these two camps. What if we accept it is both, as explained in the book, “BioCentrism” by Robert Landa, MD.

The fact that we exist to witness the wonders of our universe, while having such a limited perceptual field, brings the notion that it wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for us to perceive.

This supports the concept that when we think of the creation story, it is a metaphoric translation of the fact that the beginning of the universe, was the first conscious thought. And as another and another thought was added to the whole, there was a space for light to be created.

My point being, it would take both the etheric unfoldings, of creations perfection, to stimulate such a small vibrational frequency bandwidth,  for us to perceive. And, the physical and conscious evolution of those  creatures upon the planet, to transmute into the physical expressions that survive today. As we see those whose beings were designed for a different time (like a Rhinoceros), edging out of the newer, higher bandwidth, that the planet and other conscious beings are moving into.

Science is the measuring stick, but science let go of the ghost in the machine. When Descartes declared the universe a mechanical system. It relegated the spiritual element that the Mystics, Druids and other Alchemists held to the shadows. Removing the combined connection that both Science and Spirituality brought to the table.

Finally, with quantum physics, we are bringing the two sects of duality in this matter back to the marriage they held for so many years. The observer effects the observed.

Freewill & Fate-

Once again, not separate entities, but two sides of the same coin.

There is, as many of us have lived, the flow of life. Where synchronicity seems to be firing off for us as we move forward. And other times where we feel like we are swimming against a raging rapids.

So in this syncronistic patterning, life and our individual aspect of our Soul, are offered a course to flow within.  Sometimes this flow happens when we are following a contract we have set up with another before we arrived here, other agreements are made in dreams, with other sleeping Souls.

The Freewill portion of this combination is our choice how to respond to what is placed before us. If each of us is an expression of Spirit, combined with our individual aspect of self, the error comes in choosing against what you know to be the true answer or action.

Most of us choose to hide in the fear instead of realizing that the gift of synchronicity is on the other-side of our fear.

Both / And… If things weren’t set in motion for us from external forces, we would never be challenged to stretch our bodies or consciousness in the ways we do when thrust into situations, where we say WTF? And forgetting that we set up the moment for ourselves.

Taking Action and Trusting the Universe to provide

As we each direct the creation of our lives, through our choices and flow, we step into the video game of life.

When my children were younger, I used this to describe how to work with life. Deciphering between the possibilities and the probabilities.

I told them to think about it as if playing a role-playing game. They are their Higher Self, projecting this physical body into the 3 dimensional realm, and arriving at a door.

The universe provided the door. We have to choose whether it is a door for us, or not. Once we walk into a level, it is our act of trusting that the Clues have been placed all around us, to find, interpret, and take actions upon those findings. Do I break open this box or that one, find the potion or trinket that will help us as we move to the next level.

All the clues are there. We just have to get our Ego, out-of-the-way. The aspect of ourselves which believes it knows best by taking action only to serve the self. Whether it is hiding from our fears, or acting out in controlling, and unhappy ways, because life becomes much more of a struggle when we try to force life to match our will only.

Politics and the Two Party System- Okay… I’m not even going to touch this one at this time. Ha!

These are just a few of ways we can bring the conflicting polarization’s to an end.

If you have other examples of Both / And…, please share them in the comments.

Blessings, Love and Light to you…

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