Ego or Soul Surviving Life…


I see it all the time. People trying to control their environment through emotional impact or just aggressive exertion. All with the same desired outcome, to control life, avoid fear, and make it through the day. The problem is thinking we are in control, when we are fighting against the current that life is unfolding in front of us.

Starseed 1

This passage is from the book, “The Star-Seed Transmissions”, it was written many years ago, and still it is a guidance reference for those who know we have to raise the vibration of humanity if we are to survive. The issue is, are we willing to trust and move with life? Or, still believe we must push against it, force it to our Ego-will.

Life is always, in the moment, giving us clues as to which direction or choice is going to serve. The problem is, in our fear and most often scarcity consciousness, we stop looking. We choose to not see what is immediately in front of us, shinning just a little brighter, trying to get our attention. Most of the time we sweep it by with our emotions of fear and lack, using our Ego-will, instead of learning to surrender and trust the current flowing around us.

FEAR is an acronym for, “False Evidence Appearing Real”.  As I have spoken before about our 4 body system, fear is just an energetic reminder to open our eyes a little wider, listen a little deeper, to pay attention a little stronger. Mostly we shrink and miss it all. I am still learning this one.

And, everyday I open myself up more to the mystery. To know that in the moment, the answer is there if I look inside, and out, for it. That life wants us to succeed, to flourish, to bring our wholeness to the fore, and make life forwarding choices.

What is a life forwarding choice? Well, if I am an extension of all that is, shouldn’t my choices be made to include all that is? So I have come up with a challenge question to use in the moment when I haven’t found the clues, and still need to make a choice.

“Does the answer I am creating serve everyone involved? Or, just me?”

To live a Soul Surviving Life means to live for life itself… I support it, and it supports me. A symbiotic relationship with the unseen energies that are swirling all around me. To know that I wasn’t placed on this planet to just serve myself. I was placed here to witness life, to record it for all of consciousness, through my senses and my mind. To blend the etheric and the physical into a union that supports all life I come into contact with. It certainly is a challenge, but one worth striving for.

Think of it this way… If all I am doing is living to serve myself, why would life need me to continue? I am in no way contributing to the unfolding of consciousness when I am thinking only of myself.

But, if I am living to witness and dance within the frequencies of Love, support, Light and growth, I am living a life that is beneficial to life. I hold that this is the one thing I can do for the universe and all of its inhabitants. And in doing so, life is happy to oblige my quirky desires from time to time. And, when it is time to transition from 3d to another level of reality, life says, “come along… you have helped us so far, we can use you as we move forward.”

I hold this as Truth. I hope you find your ability to live a Soul Surviving Life… If you feel close, keep moving with it, the miracles that are waiting to unfold are there for you. Not your Ego.

If you find yourself struggling… I am here to help. I’m just a message away. Now, create for life because life includes you!

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