Where is your heart for the world…


We will win… The light in your heart is needed. As our world spins out of control, it is you who is needed. It is time to drop the fear and separation that our governments and mainstream media want us to believe.

It is time to reach down into your Soul and call upon your courage to stand up for the truth. The truth is that our country is systematically being ripped apart, on purpose. Our supposed leaders certainly have shown us lately that they have no concern for the populace of this nation. How our civil liberties have been sold to the highest bidder. How the corporate controllers are allowed to do whatever they wish, without any fear of reprisal.

We are the one’s who are here to hold them accountable. We are the one’s to start a new American revolution. The problem is that we are too afraid, to lazy, and too comfortable to do anything about it.

As the line in the Broadway Musical,”Hamilton”,

“If you stand for nothing, what will you fall for.”

And it is time to follow this line;

“I would rather be divisive, than indecisive.”

It is time to start making noise. This video is about 40 years old but it is so much more appropriate now.

As I say this it may be misconstrued that I am calling for violence. On the contrary, I am calling for your compassion, your heart, your voice. Speak for those who cannot. Defend the defenceless. Stand up for the right thing. Reach into your heart and become the Angel you pray too. Be the light of Spirit and let your light flood through the darkness. Risk a lot to save a lot. If your precious life is worth living, then what are you living for?

Why are you here, if you are not working to make this world better, why are you here? A flat screen, a pretty rock, your ego being stroked?

Who is willing to help make this world a better place, for my children? For all of the children.

It is time for the old guard and consciousness to be replaced by the new. Are you willing to step out of comfort to recreate the world? You have the power, stop hiding, spread your wings, and light upon all you come in contact with. It will spread… We can change the world.

Whose with me?

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