Life at it’s core…

How many times life allows us to renew ourselves, as it unfolds before us. 
Each moment our bodies are projected into this 3d world in occilating wave forms of probability. Allowing us in every moment to regenerate and recreate the frequencies of health and direction of path and purpose.

When we drag the anchors of our past experience into the new moment, we are keeping the past moment alive in our cells, and they will respond accordingly.

Miracles exisit within the choosing of a new vision, and conscious choice to disprupt the pattern we have set into motion. 

What miracle would you choose to see unfold in your life, knowing you have the power to instantly create a new vision of where your life should be, and live it without question.

Be the bravest version of yourself and take everyones reaction out of the equation. Where will you find yourself if you did?

Blessings Love & Light to you and those you hold dear…

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