The struggles never seen…

We have all heard or have seen the words, “Be kind, everyone is fighting their own battles.” And yet, as Carolyn Myss so aptly pointed out, we still see others as guilty, and we are innocent. 

How the battle rages in each and everyone of us, and how hard we work to keep the illusion alive by pretending it isn’t hard, it isn’t scarry, and it isn’t always a state of unknowing.

I deal with my own struggles daily. Bi-polar, dyslexia, depression and a myriad of smaller self created challenges that I attempt to navigate through the video game of the matrix we live within. 

Existential angst, is the best term I have sellected to describe the daily self impossed impediment to just accepting the reality that life allows me to create before me. Some times I forget that I have the choice to alter my perception, thus altering my outcome, and release the expectations I may hold for myself in any given situation.

I used to, at another point in my experience, spin down the rabbit hole of depression and anxiety. Having no clue as to what the next movement, in the orchestral composition of my life is asking of me. Sometimes, this would last for months. Now, at most a day. 

Each of the me’s, I have been throughout my life, has had to choose to continue even in the face of annihilation. I have grown accustomed to the game of unfolding growth, and the request for a new way of seeing the present circumstances. My modus operandi, to be Quixotic, in my approach.

For the most part I do this well. And at other times I crash and burn. Each time learning just a little more, giving me knowledge and experience to call upon the next time the same type of situation shows itslef in my life.

I am learning to adapt to the world in a new perception. One that allows me to step further into the realm of superposition possibilities. Knowing that the external world is my playground, as it would not exist, if it weren’t for my perception of it. Many believe it is the other way around. That the universe is a force for us to reckon with, not, it has to rekon with us.

If I truly rely on my ultimate superpower, the combination of thought and emotion, as a creative expression of accepting nothing other than what my mind sees as the outcome. The universe, truly, can do nothing but comply to the vision held. As the adage;

Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘ Move from here to there,’ and it will move.”

I have started to change my words in certain situations, not perfected yet, but a practice. As the statement I made above; “At another point in my experience.” Has replaced any statement to express a passing of time, as time is a construct of my perceptual field interacting with the accepted agreement that time exists, even though it has been proven to “kind of” exist, when we want it to. It is not a set reality. That has been proven enough for me to not interact with time in the way I was tought. 

The same goes for space. Space-time has been created for us to experience the 3d realm we have projected ourselves into. It is not reality. It is a Holo-deck created for the experience of human perceptual stimulus reception. Science has shown us that through our senses, we percieve very little of the known universe. We were designed to work within a certain set of peramiters, non of which have to be finite. 

As I choose to release myself from the struggle against the current of what life and I places before me. I can then choose, with emotionally driven acceptance of the outcome, that life can unfold in ways I have yet to truly accept. 

But I know those ways are out there… and I will surpass the past evolutionary consciousness of normal, and in time, fly within the harmonic cosmic currents that bind the vibrational octives and frequencies of the etheric realms we have available to us…

3d is not the end game. It is time to raise the bar to the frequency of Love. The golden mean ratio of 1.618… the ratio of life in which there is no beginning or end.  This is how we change the world…

And the journey continues…

Blessings ,Love and Light to you and those you hold dear. In your hearts and in your shadows.


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