Don’t ask how… Ask why.



Have you ever felt the presence of a thought that shakes you to your core? A knowing comes over you as if this is an important message that needs to be listened to.

And then, the inevitable question; “How am I supposed to do that?”

When these moments enter our sphere of thought, instead of asking how, the greater question is, Why! 

When I am hit with these thought forms that jar me with an unshakable fear of knowing that my life is about to be rattled with a new direction, perception or understanding. It is in those moments I ask, “Why is this coming to me?” What is the challenge or learning I am to step through.

This “Why”, comes when I ask myself, “Who am I to become through this moment? What new dimension of my-self is to emerge?

I, at this time am being pulled to a new direction… One that will take me away from that which is known, which feels safe, and which satiated my Soul. After the resounding, “How am I supposed to make that happen?”, goes off in my head, I slow down the anxiety and ask, Why?

The Why sometimes is murky, other times, clear as the shimmering stars of a new moon night.

So this “Why”, for me is offering up some titillating and seriously fear stepping choices and feats. All of which are the basis of a non-stagnant life. I have served the space I have resided for the last 17 years. Now I am being asked to unfold my Light and peaceful power in a new location.

If I choose to live a Soul surviving Life, then through the fear, and over the hurdles I must go…

I know Spirit thinks I’m a Bad Ass! I just wish She didn’t trust me so much…

Blessings, Love and Light to you all and those you hold dear… In your Heart; And in your Shadows…



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