the 25% of death…



If we are a 4  body system, with a 7 layer liquid crystal oscillating system, (our heart),  able to produce magnetic and electrical vibrational frequency fields, that effect the reality around us, then why are we so lost when it comes to death? My experience as well. 

What do I mean by a four body system?

Their are four major vibrational frequencies, that tie our beings together, in this human reality we all share. The Mental, The Physical, The Emotional and the Spiritual.

The Mental Body; This is where the information is processed, or the interactive drama that has unfolded in our lives. Real or imagined. The believed perception that we individually hold.

The Physical Body:

          This is where we express our feelings, our vibratory frequencies of Sadness, Anger, Fear and Joy. Shame can also be expressed as it is a true feeling state. Remember, Guilt is feeling negative about something I’ve done. Shame is about feeling bad about, who I am.

The Emotional Body:

          The emotional body is the furnace of creation. If the mental body brings the direction, and the physical body the  desire.This is where we become ourselves and can either invite, or repel, any thing or anyone into our life, good or bad.

What we feel makes the choice. Our mind initiates the response or reaction,then our emotional body is the creative force that brings our reality to life. 

The Spiritual Body:

          This is where we are attuned to all that is unseen. The web of human consciousness. Where we connect to everything, as we are always in contact with everything in the cosmos. 

The physical body gets lost when someone transitions… Our physical vibratory frequency is no longer transmitting, leading the others, still in the material realms, to feel a sense of loss. To feel only the separation of physical – feeling energy, the 25% that we disconnect from, to miss the person so completely, not allowing ourselves to receive vibrations that would keep us connected through the other 75% of our makeup. 

Think about it… Are you separate from the air around you? Every molecule in existence touches every other molecule. People just do not want to accept that they are separate from nothing, period.

This is also where the messages of our guides, angels, and those who have past before us, communicate through us. It is our higher self, the voice we here in our own head. We can still be in connection and even receive messages and guidance from those we love. 

Basically, (and I don’t mean this callously), we are addicted to the physical vibration of the one we believe we have lost…

Once we choose to tune into a new way of communicating through the language of the mental, spiritual and emotional bodies, not solely focused through the physical,  we re-tune to the correct frequencies to communicate. To continue the entangled relationship with those we cannot see, but Love… 

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