The quest for light…


As I watch the world unfold I find I am truly witnessing the battle of the Angels…

Between those who have fallen, and those who wish to fly. With out labels, those who have fallen are those who choose to stifle the forward movement of our potentiality as a species.

The desire to keep the frequencies of their past, due to a fear of the unknown future.

Those Angels that choose to fly are not exempt from fear… they understand stepping through it will bring a new adventure to life. Understanding that consciousness has and always will be moving forward.

The fallen Angels… Choose to dance around the golden calf at the base of Mt. Sinai, to a make believe economy, chasing a dream of, live, consumer, plant yourself and repeat until you die. The fear of letting go of the anchors of their own self-inflicted wounds.
The Light Angels… Understanding that we are all connected and living on the same boat. Believing everyone on the planet deserves to have their life honored, there Souls fed.

I choose life…

Michael Franti will close out this post with a vision of where we are…

And the light of where we could be…

Enjoy the video…

“Would it mean that love had won?
Would it mean that the world was saved?
And no guns are being drawn today?
What if everybody had a job?
And nobody had to break a law?
What if everyone could say
That it’s good to be alive today?”



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