Today, I value the life that is unfolding before me in all of its beauty and horror. I see the simple perfection of a pine needle, and the destruction of the earth as another oil pipeline bursts.

I see, a woman of 89 years, with a sparkle in her eye, as her body is failing her. I helped her to her chair. She said it was the first dance she has had in years. She looked into my eyes, with the expression I feel mine hold so many times… I’m tired.

I see, how the world has come so far, the desire to move away from destruction and hate. While other prepare to kill, detonate or destroy all they say their God has given them.

I see, how far I have come, how much I have learned, and how little I truly know about what is unfolding in the universe, and how the people of this world will survive themselves.

I see my children, powerful light beings, expressive hearts, and compassionate souls. And struggle with my own fears for them, in an unraveling world.

I see the stars at night, radiating pulses of fantasmic hues, within my perceptual field of sight. And the shadows that linger in the hearts of men and women who can not let go of their past experience and see life unfolding today, that has nothing to do with their imaginations.

I see and feel the fear, that almost every Human Being I walk by, drapes across my energetic field, clinging for a desperate moment of solace in their hearts and minds, while trying to be accepted by everyone they meet.

Truth is… we all need to ask ourselves; How quickly our loyalty is countermanded by our need for approval. And that loyalty I am speaking of is to our own truth…

Blessings to you and those you hold dear…


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