Light & Shadow…



The keys to the way this world works are right here before us. They have always been here and always will be. Since this is a planet of free will we have the responsibility to open our eyes and our minds to a new way of perceiving this world.

To tell the truth, to express the truth of who we are, takes a shift in awareness and perception.

To just tell the truth is not a viable option when the level of consciousness that I hold is not in alignment with the vibration of the truth. In other words we must elevate ourselves to a level of existence where the expression of the truth is lived not only in thought or word but also in action. That does not mean that I need to act upon the truth, that inside me is a liar, a cheat, a manipulator a killer, and so on. But the truth is to own that I have the capacity no matter how much I want to hide it from you that all of these exist inside of me.

For each of us that have felt the insurgence of movement through this time by way of the events in the world and the dramatic unfolding of the waking world we are now standing upon the precipice of the next shift in our world consciousness we will walk into the next dimension of existence as, free will human angel beings.

Let us begin this journey together. Since for all of time we have been doing this together.

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