Music… The great Common Denominator…


Music has been my saving grace since I can remember…

The scales and frequencies as they flow through my skin, into my Soul have kept me from dying, doing stupid things, and help me to feel care for others.

As one who dwells in the shadow of depression for much of my life, music, more than anything, leveled my mind, uplifted my worth, and gave me the push that no one else would, to keep my head above water.

Try it sometime… Go to a concert and observe the balancing of energies within the crowd. See if all of the separation that existed before the music started, exists half way through the show. Feel the leveling of the playing field where the one moment comes when in the pressure wave of love, everyone signs the same note…

At that moment, No one is above… And no one is below. All are equal.

I could go on and on… Watch the video. Share the music you love. It is the great equalizer of humanity. And why wouldn’t it be, The whole universe is designed from the quantum mathematics of music…

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