On the brink…


If you have not seen the movie, Idiocracy, and you are bewildered by what is happening in the USA, this movie will spell it out.

The, “Not so smart”, keep proliferating their gene pool while the intellectuals and awakened, are holding back on populating for populating sake. And you can imagine how this goes in the future.

In all of my studies, throughout my life, I am witnessing the going to sleep of the world consciousness. Drunvalo Melchizedek, The author of the Flower of Life, and multiple other books on consciousness and scared geometry, spoke of this phenomena.

It seems, from his perspective, which I truly believe, that as we travel through our own quadrant of the Milky Way, we travel a 3,600 year cycle of an elliptical nature, which is broken into 4 arcs. Each of these arcs of orbit is a nine hundred year cycle, give or take a few years.

Every other, of these arcs are the rise of consciousness, and then periods of falling asleep.

In the book and the movie, the Celestine Prophecy, this is exampled by the concept, that those who increase their vibratory frequency can, basically vibrate right out of 3D. So in other words, each ascension cycle allows for all Human Free-Will Beings, the opportunity to raise their vibration to ascend out of the current vibratory rate, before the world starts to slip downward towards sleep and lower consciousness.

Let’s do the math…

Starting at the time of the Buddha…

Modern scholars believe the Buddha was born approximately 600 BC. This was an up swing arc of consciousness during our 3,600 year cycle. During this time we had the appearance of Socrates, Herodotus, Hippocrates, Plato, the Christ.

and as we get towards the end of this 900 year quarter, things start to go a little dark. This time period brings Christianity, Theodosius ordered the closing of Egypt’s pagan temples, and forbids the Olympic Games because pagans, and shuts down the temple of Zeus at Olympia. The Council of Nicaea, finished the job by taking and hiding away the mystical texts from the rest of humanity. Which brings us roughly to the 4th – 5th century, which as most scholars have dubbed, the beginning of the Dark Ages.

The Dark Ages, was the time period 500 AD to 1600 AD. Once again, about 900 years.  and once again the last few hundred years was shifting from the dark to the light. The Renaissance period started to unfold around the 1250’s. and slowly stated the upswing out of the period of sleep.

1250 to 2016? close to 900 years again. And we are seeing the decline of enlightened consciousness, on a monumental scale. It is as if a switch was thrown, and the minds of man started dumbing down. Right after the apex of awakening, in this time period. The 1960’s.

And as we go to sleep, those who choose to hold the higher vibration are dumbfounded at the apparent inability, for most, to not understand the destructive and egotistical warping of where we have reached.
As we care more about Kim Kardishan, being mugged in Europe, over the million’s of human angels in suffering each and everyday. Or even considering Donald Trump as President of the United States, we are truly in the loss of enlightenment phase.

It is our Ego and pride that drive us, as we move closer to the end of one cycle, and begin the great sleep once again, I hold that humanity may just fuck up enough and ruin it all.

Think about it.

War, Greed, Famine, Starvation, the allowing of humans to die of curable diseases. Moving back into another cold war with Russia. All of these are backwards steps. Hell, we can’t even create new movies, or music. It too has fallen by the wayside of remakes and remixing.

But, there is a spark of light…

The children who were not raised in the houses of oppression. the ones who know their sovereignty, the Indigo Children, the Star-Seeds. They still have the magic within them. They are watching all of this fall apart and still create life and love upon the planet.

Grab your popcorn, strap on your seat-belt… It will be a bumpy ride. And as long as you do not buy into the total darkness of it all, while keeping your vibratory frequencies moving upward on the scale, we may become tattered, we may become broken, but we will no longer fall asleep…

Follow the children, for the shall lead the way… They care not for your borders. Your ideologies of separation, and demonizing of others. They do care about Love, being whole and one with others. A new future that most adults either can’t see, or choose not to, out of their own misguided fear.

So ask yourself… Are you going to sleep or are you fighting to stay awake? The choice is yours, and if you don’t make it, someone else will, for you…

Love and Blessings to all and those you hold dear in your hearts and in your shadows…






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