Our Resurrection…


“When it comes to the heart, these are the rules;

You do not send your spirit on negative missions. You pay attention that your heart is still seething, and you call it back.

You pay attention to the fact that if you are blaming someone for some misery in your life, you are not honoring the rules you claim to play by.

You pay attention to the fact that love does not mean hallmark, it means honoring people and recognizing that every other person has his or her divine purpose for being here. And you are not privileged to know the reason behind it.

And you pay attention to the fact that just because a relationship didn’t go the way you wanted it does not mean that you get to punish the other for ever. Knock it off!
Pull yourself together! Have some backbone. And look at it and so, “ Okay, it wasn’t the best experience on the planet, but hey, you’re learning. I’m learning, and I have agreed to live by the perception we are learning together. You pull yourself together.

People only harm you if you look through the lens of human justice. Which assumes the illusion, from the very beginning… That you are innocent and everyone else is guilty. That you have never done anything wrong.

This my friends, when lived, is your resurrection…”

Carolyn Myss… (Carolyn Myss is one of my favorite teachers of stretching the mind of consciousness and seeing beyond just the 3d world we live within.)

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