Time to start a revolution…. Care to join me, at risk? our lives… At stake? the future of mankind for our children…


How long have I felt outside our society, our make believe world of how life should be. How fucked up the entire unfolding of our history of oppression, destruction and manipulation.

We have always held within us the beauty, the love, the innocence, of our birthright. To bring our true essence to the forefront. I have always known the truth of who I am, the being, forged from the hand of Spirit into a light-form, a resonance frequency of matter, given freewill to make manifest the life that was bestowed upon me, as I enact my will in the forwarding of life upon this planet and within this universe.

So, at this time, while the world is spiraling down the drain of material enslavement of the masses, what will we choose. I don’t know, I guess we can watch “dancing with the stars”, or focus our attention on who in Hollywood, is sleeping with whom. But don’t you feel it? Don’t you feel the welling of your Soul, vibrating in intensity?

The layers of fear, for so long controlling the desire of our collective Soul, stretching to the breaking point. The point of choice. Most people in this world live in this fear of survival every day. Wondering how they will eat, how they will feed their family, how they will make it to tomorrow…

We in this country, we have an obligation to the rest of the world, to use the time we have and our resources, upon this planet to do what is right by all of our human family. We are the richest nation, even those making minimum wage, are richer than most of the world. Look it up, fifty percent of the worlds population lives on less than two dollars a day. How much do you live on per day…

How much of our money is spent on satellite TV daily?  how much of our money is spent on make-up, the sound system in our cars, the water we deluge our yards with to make grass grow where nature had not intended.

So what now? I will be spending my time working towards the collapse of our economic slavery of the earth. I will be giving voice against the bullshit that is spewed as truth by our media. I will be risking my being in the resistance of conforming to the will of the illusion that we live within.

One of the first things I wish to create, is a group of like mined people in this area, that are willing to look forward. Not at what we can get from one another, but what we can give. I believe, any red blooded right wing American, would call this socialism. and rightfully so.

I ask, what is wrong with wanting to create a world where everyone has their basic needs met? What is wrong with creating a world where we replace fear of others, who are not “just like us”, with compassion and caring. So how do we create such a place? We start with ourselves… We start by accepting and blessing all those we come in contact with, not from fear, from love. To accept that they are an extension of ourselves, to know that what befalls upon them, truly befalls upon me.

A wonderful intelligent man I know, asked the most important question, ” How do we change it, how do we move from our need to provide and create the energy of money while at the same time change it?”

The answer is baby steps… We start by understanding that every choice we make is a vote for something to continue to exist.  Ever hear or see the bumper sticker stating, “Live simply, that others may simply live.”

To make small changes, Do not support those companies that extract the life out of others to provide us with cheap shit we don’t really need. Take your money away from the big banks that control the IMF. Quit looking to others, (politicians), to make things happen while you spend your time watching TV, bitching about our president, our economy, our supposed leaders.

Start living a life, giving voice against anything that need our help, abused children, staving families, the lost souls who were never given a chance in or land of plenty.

I am so amazed at the religious organizations of our country, mostly those full of the conservative, right-wing people of our land. They throw God at us, like we have horns on our heads, when ever the idea of taking care of others is talked about. They bash those who wish for everyone to be whole, with terms of liberal idiots, socialist, tree huggers, and even unpatriotic. Because we believe that everyone in this country and the world should be okay, not just a select few. And for a group that doesn’t believe in evolution to say it is survival of the fittest, is the greatest hippocracy of all. I see that they ask, “what would Jesus do?”, and then plug their ears because they don’t really give a shit what he would do, as long as their okay, for now.

So I ask every Man, Woman and child, to rally there own hearts and minds, to start taking the steps of dismantling the status-quo, of economic slavery, and the fear that we may have to be uncomfortable for a little while as the institutions we know upon this planet are brought to an end. A collapse of all we have known, to move into a world where all people and beings are regarded as more important than any one individuals fame, fortune, or power.

There are organizations and people who are moving in this direction, help me support them with our time and our voice. If you truly give a shit about our planet and where we are going, the video below has some pretty detailed information on the steps we can take to proceed into a new way of living upon this planet.

As I write this I remember the most import thing I heard upon my awakening years…

A  wealthy businessman named John, died… He showed up, where he believed he would go, and he was pissed…
The first being he saw, he grabbed, and yelled, “I want to talk to whoever is in charge here!”
The angel in front of him said, “Alright John, I will get them.” They turned and went upon this task.
John, fuming, was greeted by a most beautiful being that asked, “How may I help you John?”
John, still angered, ” What the Fuck! Your so powerful and almighty, and the earth is a mess. Children starving, people killing each other, people being cheated, tested, used broken. What the Fuck!
The beautiful being listening intently as John raged on about the dismay he held.
John was coming to an end of his rant, ” So why don’t you do something, Why don’t you take some action, Why don’t you send someone down there to do something about this crap!?”

The Beautiful being smiled to John and replied, ” I did John… I sent you.”

So as you go through your day, think about John… Why are you here? What did you come here to do? I suspect it had nothing to do with watching TV and keeping up with the Jones’s.

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