My One Political Posting this Election Year…


“Make America Great Again”, is the slogan, Really? When was that? After World War II?

Who, in the Republican party works ethically from a place of Courage, Hope, Compassion and Understanding?

For all the right wingers out there I have a question to you… Isn’t this how Jesus would choose to address the world of humanity?

I understand, and even my children and their friends see it, with no prompting from me. Why does the GOP wish to live in a world wrapped in nothing but fear? Why do they insist on believing, that we as human beings, do not have an inherent responsibility to all humans…?


Mother Theresa stated, “There is no real success if there is still suffering in the world.” Everything the GOP fights for is a fear based reaction to their own lack of freewill, and or, self worth.

For the party that claims, they want less government, I wish you would just tell the truth. What you want is less control over your own greed… and systematical control of individual choice of every person in, not only this country, but the world.

Why? simple minded fear. Fear of going to hell, fear of your own inner unwillingness to trust anyone’s personal choice for themselves. Fear of actually admitting to yourselves that you are not superior to the rest of the world, because if you were, you would not need to pass laws restricting the personal choices of others.

So lets take a few of the issues you speak against…

The LGBT Community… What are they really doing to you? I hear of the fear, they are recruiting our children… Hate to break it to you, your children will make their own decisions in their own time, no matter what you think. Or is your fear, a projection of your own lack of self worth, that you gave up in your life to others you believed had power over you. I have yet to meet a child of a gay couple who was more messed up or more dysfunctional as a GOP child. How many GOP kids are on Riddlin?  And yes, I have had LGBT friends throughout my life. Sorry your claims are untruths based in fear.

The sanctity of marriage, is not threatened by gay people. For if it was… Everyone of you, in the GOP, who has ever been divorced has done more damage I believe (as a Minister), to the sanctity of marriage, than any gay couple I have ever known. For better for, worse, through sickness and health… How did letting go of these, true vows, not rip apart the depth of what a marriage commitment was meant to be. Oh, I know why, because 2008 the GOP, in a gallup poll, believed Divorce was Immoral by 64% … but in 2010 only 52% of you believe this. Anyone want to explain to me how this became less Immoral?? And why you are more okay with this now, is it, that more of you are choosing it?

A Woman’s right to choose… In your fear, you have gutted the gun stores, emptied the ammo depots and stockpiled, against what? If anyone talks about gun control, you scream, ” No one has the right to take my gun away from me.” And in the next breathe, you decide, that your beliefs allow you the right to take away a woman’s choice to decide if it is time to bring another being into the world. To truly decide whether they have the true capacity to raise a child. I hear you screaming, for what you want them to do, because you think so. In the movie “Parenthood”, Keanu Reves Character say;” They make you take a test to get a license… But they will let any asshole be a parent!” A woman’s right to choose is not always about just having sex and getting rid of the evidence… Sometimes it is an extremely excruciating look into their own souls, to determine what is the best, for both mother and child…

And I have the solution. I hope your sitting down.

I have yet to hear, all those fighting a woman’s right to choose, that they will make this proposition.
” We as those who believe we should decide what another human being should do with their own body, hereby declare that we will take into our homes, every unwanted child. In this way we can abolish abortion because we will take care of all the reasons for having one.”

Who in the GOP is ready to sign up for this one? Anyone? I thought not.

The only depth you will go to solve a problem like this is to take the freedom away, from another, so you can feel better about yourself. And once again we go back to the first truth… that this would infringe, once again, on your personal greed. Oh yeah, and the occasional killing of people to support your cause… hmmm, anyone else see something askew here?

This post, in no way, is to crack on religious beliefs… This post is a crack on the desire to control the rest of the world through fear. (Sorry, a lot of it is motivated by those who use the bible against their fellow man), which goes against the teachings of Jesus… I am sorry to say.

It is a crack upon narrow minded views, in a time when the most powerful nation could be leading the way to Peace on Earth and the success of the human race.

Everyone is a Terrorist… The fact that we live in a world where imaginary boarders divide humans to see anyone outside of them as a threat, is ridiculous. To build walls, to destroy other humans, so we can feel safer in our own little country is BS.


Sorry, GOP War Mongers, we tried your way for thousands of years and it really hasn’t created a successful human race. So how about we quit thinking, we can bomb and bully the world, to letting us screw them for our own selfish wants, as they starve and sleep in tents…

We should really be ashamed of ourselves, for not using our ability, to create a better world for all… I for one will always fight for truth and for the forwarding of Love, Life, Compassion, Courage and Hope.

But then again I wouldn’t have time for fantasy football, dancing with the stars and the Kardishan’s, if I actually work to better the world.

Blessings to you and all you hold dear in your hearts… and in your shadows…

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