Mother Earth is Ascending

Beautifully said…

Spiritual Journey Healing

img_0569In the last two years, change has been forced on us and everything we know turned upside down. September is a pivotal month supplying our bodies with high and intense energies and will continue into 2017. The ascension process is happening even faster than planned. This is no cause for alarm. This is actually an exciting time in our lives. We have exceeded any previous projections of what we can handle and are well capable of carrying on.

We have been living under restricted conditions (if you believe this or not), imprisoned and controlled by the “dark ones” in our financial system, the media, the military and politics worldwide. However, they’ve been losing their control over us as the light has reached the required level for mother earth to ascend.

Earth is now removing all negativity and is letting what is in the light to shine through. It is time…

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