The Battle for Humanity and our Planet…


This war is ongoing and there are many fronts to the battle. The number of “greys”, (whether Lizzies, Mars Greys, or any of the countless others), Have a major strong hold on the teetering structures of our false government. I know we have already won… I see it. I see the time that all of the beings that are literally trapped in the 3d realm are so fearful of the moment that they are left alone in this dimensional plane that they are pulling out every conceivable notion at their disposal to keep us from advancing our light signature vibration into higher dimensional vertices.

These attempts will all be in vain… I have witnessed the outcome, I have watched their desperate choices over millennium of times… since they ripped the fabric of their universe through the workings of external merkabas, and they have been working to keep our civilizations of Free Will Angels trapped within this field of perceptivity that we are accustomed at this time.

We must fight by holding the light of truth, the vibration of love, and the blessing of all things we see. To witness all things in truth, without losing our perspective of who we are. The strength within our collective of souls, that will eradicate the lower level fears and doubts in ourselves, and each other. We must also bring the courage of stepping into the threat of those holding darkness around us.

As the Christ stated in his teaching of a young Alexandrian,

“Since you know the ways of kindness and value justice, perhaps the Gods have brought this erring man near that you may lead him into this better way. Maybe you are the salt which is to make this brother more agreeable to all other men; that is, if you have not lost your savor. As it is, this man is your master in that his evil ways unfavorably influence you. Why not assert your mastery of evil by virtue of the power of goodness and thus become the master of all relations between the two of you? I predict that the good in you could overcome the evil in him if you gave it a fair and living chance. There is no adventure in the course of mortal existence more enthralling than to enjoy the exhilaration of becoming the material life partner with spiritual energy and divine truth in one of their triumphant struggles with error and evil. It is a marvelous and transforming experience to become the living channel of spiritual light to the mortal who sits in spiritual darkness. If you are more blessed with truth than is this man, his need should challenge you. Surely you are not the coward who could stand by on the seashore and watch a fellow man who could not swim perish! How much more of value is this man’s soul floundering in darkness compared to his body drowning in water!”

I believe we are ready, willing and able to overcome the degenerative forces that are presenting themselves to us… I also know that we are the ones we have been waiting for…

Bless us all as we model the light for all to see…

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