Mastery over Fear…


We all have the experience of the mystics coming to us at some point in our lives. Some have passed through, some resist and become medicated, while others swim through the abyss of their dark night of the soul. Life is constantly asking us if we are willing to be annihilated every day, so that we to may be resurrected into our future selves. This is the challenge, this is the dream.

In every moment of life I am being asked to show my mastery over my fears, my doubts and my limitations of self. In every moment of life I am being asked…

Who is in need of my forgiveness? who is in need of my strength? Who is in need of my highest regard? The answer so simply is, me.

For when I fully show up for my life, I have the ability to give the gift of Spirit to those around me. I can guide and teach those who are in need. I can be human and Spirit in form at the same instant. And in this energy I can move mountains. I can reverse the course of destructive events and memories in myself and others.

How often we do not share our perceptual truth for the fear of scaring or hurting another. But in all of these relationships we are given permission, by association, to be our most dynamic and in-depth selves we can be. The universe expects nothing less than this from us, as we should from ourselves.

The challenge laid out before us is to open up to the motion of Spirit through us. To allow Divine guidance to be our map. To settle the mind so that the angels of our lives can be heard through all the darkness we wish to create for ourselves.

Let it be known this is a task for everyone on the planet. To stop masking our true shadows with alcohol, drugs, lies, projections upon others of the things we wish not to see in ourselves. To love ourselves, enough to be ourselves.

So my gift to you all is my unending desire to serve, support and enliven the lives of those around me, and those whom I share this planet with. To show up and know that I am a child of God, and that I have been given the power of free-will to express the truth of the never ending request, to reach for the stars in all I do… anything else is just childish laziness…

May you all know Health, Love and Joy on this and every day.

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