The Children are the answer to a new Reality…

This video is an amazing example of what a Human Being is capable of. We have the potential to effect our reality in such a way, that as the observer and architect, we have been dumbed down away from.

The scope of the universe, and of God, in this world (especially through organized religion,) Is so very limited, and very unflattering, of how we have progressed as human beings. Yes, we have made such progress in understanding the measure and scope of our role on this planet.

The only problem seems to be that we still, as a collective, don’t fully get it. Every day, I/we, wake up and move into the realm of physical possibility… usually with our eyes closed. We take what is presented and run it through our ego filters. First comes, fight or flight? Next comes, greater than or less than? The nature and weight of our own self-worth, to be obtained… Or, that which we hold most often, our unworthiness, wins out. Most often, before we even set out to co-create, in our minds eye.

So in the beginning God thought… It is that simple. Everything ever experienced everything ever created… Every person to ever walk upon this earth, is an extension of one thought.

If you have a problem with the term God, please insert any word or name that works for you, to describe the vast space of light and dark energy in the universe, that has a vibration of wholeness.

Science has estimated that we perceive less than one percent of the Cosmos that we live with in. Less than one percent and still, I/we, act like we understand why we are here and what is truly going on. So in my own bumbling fashion I am going I am going to tell you what I think.

In the Movie Star Trek IV, (corny, but fun), Spock relayed this view of human separation.

“It is only the arrogance of Man… that thinks every message is for him.”

We are only participants, in this unfolding of life. Honored and blessed participants, but participants nonetheless. Just as the cells of our body are participants in the whole of our self.

One way to help people understand how so many frequencies of life can exist in the same space we can look at our telecommunications upon this earth. Every moment of every day all of life is bombarded with hundreds, if not thousands, of frequencies and waves of energy. So you can take any number of devices, TV’s, cell phones, satellite dishes, global positioning systems, and on and on… And even though we are constantly surrounded and permeated by these waves. we must have the specific device, to pick up the certain frequencies desired.

What does this mean? to me it means, that even though we live on this planet at this moment so are many different levels of life at the same time in a different frequency of energy. Angels, Chaos Beings, Guides and Guardians.

If you think about it, just like in a business here on this planet, every level of the business has a level of consciousness that oversees that level of the business, or as in our terms, managers, (overseers for every level of the business). From the guys who change the light bulbs, to the women CEO’s.

The same is true for our planet and multi-verse. Every level of consciousness, from that very first thought, has some form of energy in an overview role. All animals, all plants even microbes and electrons. The whole system has been guided by the one thought were are extensions of.

And now, we have been passed the mantle… We, as physical, free will Angels, of the material realms… It is now our turn to step up into this role of taking ownership and stewardship, of this planet and universe. We have been allowed, with our free will, to destroy or awaken this beautiful little sphere of life. First within ourselves, then reality follows.

It all starts with the acceptance and allowance of fear. To share our strength and courage, in the form of action, in the face of fear. To remove the judgments, the projections, and allow for innocence of each other and our true abilities of that which we believe is true to emerge.



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