UntitledMy favorite topic in the world… I lived most of my life, until about ten years ago, not even realizing that the way I was feeling and the way I was dealing with the world was a choice that I could change. And there was no one in my life that explained this to me. I had to come up with this concept all on my own. That I could actually change my thought processes, change my perception about events, and change how I am feeling about what is going on in my life.

So once I had a clear idea that I could choose, choose that which serves the whole of life which includes myself. I choose to make this process easy these days. When I do not have an answer come clearly to my mind I ask; what is going to serve myself and others? And what is the answer that will just serve me? And the choice that will just serve me is never the choice I want to choose. And in this mode of thought the choice that will serve myself and others is usually the choice that brings me the most fear. And the choice that just serves myself is usually the one that doesn’t have much fear or challenge to my being.

So, knowing the difference between and Ego idea and a Spiritual blessing is key to co-creation.

How do we know when we are making the right choice? The only way I have found that I am making the right choice is by living the choice itself. Bringing life to the idea I have chosen to follow. There is no way in our minds to determine which choice is the right one to select. But what I have come to know is that if I make a choice and I start to live that choice, allowing the doubt to fall away. The questions to fall aside around the choice and just give life to the choice I have made. If I see the choice as the direction I see my life moving towards the universe works towards bending my life in that direction. And the choice will manifest itself as a living part of my life.

So once I make the choice and start living the choice and I see my life bending in a direction that is not bringing the desired outcome into my life I actually get to make another choice. To change the flow of my life in another direction. Our choices actually have nothing to do with right and wrong but the question; am I living the choice? And if not, that is my energetic body speaking to me, letting me know that I am to take another look at the path I have started down with my choice. If I am in complete doubt about a choice I have made, and the doubt has stopped me from moving forward, it is usually my being, my high self or my guides nudging me to make a different choice.

I have experienced, as you yourself may have, getting locked up for long periods of time around a choice. Instead of saying to myself, “Ok, I am fighting this, procrastinating and not moving forward and not fully supporting the idea of the choice with my actions and energy. It is time to make a different choice, now.”

For most of my life I would not do this, I would just allow myself to get wrapped up in the doubt and questioning of the choice slowing my life to a stand still once again which for me brought depression.

So once a choice is made it must be lived. Doubt and questioning the choice undermines the obtaining of the desired result of our faith and emotion equation. If I choose to have faith in my power of choice, and give the emotional support of trust and love behind it, the universe can do nothing but support its manifestation.

To truly allow the universe to manifest that which we desire is to release the spiritual blessing once experienced…

This statement we can follow back to Jesus the Christ once again when he gave us, “see it as done.” This is what this idea of choice is all about living the faith and the emotion of seeing our desires as done and we are just catching up to it. When I talk with the young men and women I coach on a High School Lacrosse team, I circled them up and reminded them, “We have already won this game. We just need to be willing to go through the time frame of the game to allow it to happen, and it is our responsibility to see it as done.” I asked them to close their eyes and continued; “Go into your body… feel the feeling of the last whistle blown and we have won this game… Breath into the feeling of joy and excitement knowing you have already won. Know this feeling before you step onto the field.”

This is the method that Jesus was speaking of when he asked us to, “See it as done.”

To see the outcome and feel the emotion of that outcome before we even experience the end of the event itself. This is the quickest and most powerful way we have to create in our lives what we want to have unfold. Because the universe can only respond to what we are holding, energetically and in our directed thought. So if I am only feeling doubt about the outcome, if I am in question of it, the universe will allow the question to come to bear. If I see it as done, living it as done, the only thing that can happen is that it will come to fruition.

Only then can we get out of the way of that which we desire and allow its arrival. I was talking to my daughter the other morning. We were talking about the lottery and my asking everyone in our household to focus conscious intent upon us winning the big one. So we started to write a list of what we would do with this blessing… Who do we need to pay back, and what good do we wish to provide financial energetic support. To really start focusing our attention on this actually unfolding, to not just hold onto the idea as a wish for the future but hold on to it as an actually outcome for our lives. So we made a big poster to hang on the wall listing all of the people in our lives we would like to give back to. All of the things we need to make amends for financially and those we hold to help with the abundance we are creating.

I actually heard a few years back about a couple in Florida, who for months lived there lives as if they won the lottery and in four months they did! Why? Because they allowed for nothing else to come between them and that outcome by how they chose to hold their emotional energy around their desired result. So to truly allow the universe to manifest that which we desire is to release the spiritual blessing once experienced.

We can not live in this energy all day everyday, life will move in and ask us to place our energy in other areas. So as we forgive ourselves, we allow for that, for feeling it as deeply as we did to begin with. The depths to which we’ve blessed those we have loved with our desire to share abundance. We can then let it go to God, Spirit, Higher Consciousness or the Mathematics of the universe. To our higher selves, our angels and trust in the energies of our truest desires to be heard. And as we are so moved we can revisit the feeling when it moves us. There is no need for us to go manic with the desire so that there is nothing else in our lives or our thoughts as the rest of our days unfold. Once we feel it we can let it go and trust that we have been heard.

At this time in our development, we still do not trust that our wants will be fulfilled. Years ago my son had come to me with a broken toy and asked me to fix it. And as I went to take a hold of it to check out what was wrong he wouldn’t let go of it. And he proceeded to tell me how I should help him. It is how most of us still pray today. We ask for what we want and then we weigh it down with all kinds of controlling wants. I want a new job, but not if I have to move, not if it means I will … Not if it means I have to go through this…

How can the universe and those energies that support us do anything for us if every time we ask for help we shackle their wrists with our controlling fears? How tightly we hold onto the way we think it should happen.

So to learn how to release the spiritual blessing and trust in those energies that love us so dearly they exist to help us get what we say we want. Most of them are really bored because we give them our requests and then we take away their power, our intent, with how we want to see it unfold instead of trusting that the universe will provide when and how it is supposed to be that will best serve us.

The universe will always test our resolve to trust, right up to the last minute. Because what we need is provided when we need it not when we want it. So have you ever wondered how you will get what you need to have happen? So desperately that you have chosen to go beyond what is accepted out of our fear that what we need will not be forthcoming.

I truly believe that this is what drives many people to petty or even felonious crimes where the level of trust in the universe is so low that we feel we need to take what we need instead of working towards our trust in getting it.

When we exist to serve not only ourselves, but the lives and souls of all Humanity, we all win…

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  1. Thank you, Michael.
    I appreciate the way you introduced this topic, and your admission of not knowing you had a choice or the capacity to change what was/is happening in your life. I have also come to know about “learned helplessness” which is a way that many of us have been conditioned, or one could even say, robbed of knowing we had the power to change our thoughts and feelings. I still get stuck, but not for as long. Blessings,

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